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The official version of iPadOS 16 is released today: new front-end scheduling, Safari pass key, new weather app, etc.

October 25th, iPadOS 16 is officially released today, bringing major updates to the Mail app, iCloud shared library, passkey and Safari browser new collaboration features, weather app, reference mode and zoom display and other professional features, and A new multitasking experience - front-end scheduling.

A new way to share and connect with messaging apps New features in the Messaging app make it easier for users to edit and undo sent messages, mark conversations as unread, and take the everyday messaging experience a step further. Relive memories with the new iCloud Shared Library iCloud Shared Library provides families with a new way to seamlessly share photos with a standalone iCloud Library that lets up to six users collaborate to manage, upload, share, and enjoy photos. Users can easily share all photos in their personal library, or share specific photos by setting a start date or specifying a person, etc.

Users will receive smart reminders to share photo moments including gallery members and other selected people. Each member can add, delete, edit or favorite shared photos and videos, which appear in each member's Memories and Featured Photos, ensuring all members can relive more complete family memories .

Source: Apple's Safari browser welcomes new collaboration and security features Browsing in Safari is even more secure with passkeys, a new generation of credentials that cannot be phished or leaked, making them more secure and easier to use.

Passkeys replace passwords, use Touch ID or Face ID for biometric identification, and sync securely with end-to-end encryption using iCloud Keychain, and are common across Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac. As a collaborative effort with the FIDO Alliance, Google, and Microsoft, the passkey will work across apps and websites, allowing users to log into websites or apps on non-Apple devices with just their iPad. Safari also adds Shared Tab Groups to share websites in bulk with friends and family, making adding tabs smoother and seeing what others are viewing. iPad Welcomes Weather App Tailored to take full advantage of the beautiful screen, the Weather app brings immersive animations, detailed maps and an interactive weather forecast module to iPad.

With just one click, users can view the most critical weather information, as well as precipitation, air quality and temperature through the map. Users will be notified when severe weather alerts are issued in their area, and can also view air quality levels by color coding.

Source: Apple's front-end scheduling and full support for external displays bring powerful multitasking capabilities Front Desk Scheduling is a new multitasking experience that automatically manages apps and windows, allowing users to switch between tasks quickly and easily