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Function Meets Art on the Snap Float Folio from MOFT

Spending multiple creative hours drawing or designing on your iPad can become strenuous when you consider that the native position for the pad is flat on the surface. MOFT has the sleekest, vegan leather covered solution that lets you configure your iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad Mini in up to four different positions to suit your preference. The Snap Float Folio is an artistic genius of organization. 

For Protection

The primary function of the case is to keep the iPad secure, hence the protective polycarbonate structure with rounded off edges to protect the corners, and scratch resistant vegan leather that comes in black, brown or gray. It also helps to keep your creative tools safe in the slot that’s specifically for the Apple Pencil, and of course the case snaps over the screen to keep the device entirely snug.

Futuristic Function

The Snap Float Folio takes advantage of Apple’s magnetic attachment abilities to position itself as the master of multifunction. The 1st Floating Mode places your device 3.6” off the surface if you use a 12.9” iPad Pro, 3.1” off the surface for the 11” iPad Pro and iPad Air, and it floats your iPad mini 2.4” off the surface. This mode is ideal if the iPad is functioning as an external display for a desktop Mac, or if you’re using it with the desktop keyboard, according to a review on Cult of Mac.

The 2nd Floating Mode gives the 12.9” iPad Pro an elevation of 2.3”, 1.6” elevation for the  11” iPad Pro and iPad Air, and it elevates the iPad mini 1.5” off the table’s surface. The review on 9to5Mac suggests that this is a comfortable eye-level for streaming videos, and possibly even conference calls. It could also function as a desktop screen for younger members of the family, whose eye-level is slightly lower than average.

The 3rd and 4th mode place the device in a landscape configuration, while lifting it slightly off the surface so it’s not completely flat . Mode 3 lifts the device at a 60° angle for drawing or typing directly on the pad, and it’s available on the 12.9” & 11” iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. Mode 4 places your iPad at a 20° angle to make it hover just above the surface, however, this isn’t a feature you can enjoy on the mini iPad. Alternatively, you can place the device in its native position flat on the desktop, and that could be considered the 5th Mode

An Eco-Friendly Masterpiece 

The eco-friendly design of the Snap Float Folio goes beyond preserving the lives of animals by using vegan leather, it lends a great portion of its functionality from the timeless paper artform of origami. Each fold and crevice of the folio gives it movement and adds to the versatility of the configuration, so you only need one device to perform multiple functions.    

It’s available for purchase on the MOFT online store at $69.99 for the 12.9” iPad Pro, $59.99 for the 11'' iPad Pro, and you can protect your iPad mini for only $39.99. As a Balck Friday treat, you’ll get $10 OFF every purchase over $50, $20 OFF for orders over $100, a $37 discount when you spend more than $150, and a whopping $60 OFF any purchase that exceeds $200. Sign up to receive the news about the latest drops from MOFT, and be the first to know when the Black Friday sale kicks off.