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Heyup Boxe: How To

When we first got to try out Boxe, we really enjoyed how easy it was to set up and just get into our movie super fast. Are you also looking to get your Boxe set up and watch some movies with it and want to know how to do it quickly? Well, to make life easy, here’s a quick step-by-step process so you can be enjoying your Boxe in no time.

Step 1
Find a clean, flat surface you wish to project onto. It could be a wall, a sheet, a curtain, or even the ceiling above your bed, and then turn it on.

Step 2
Once everything is on and you’re projecting onto your surface, go to the 4-keystone adjustment settings controls so you can adjust the image for the perfect fit. The shortcut for it can be found at the top of the main screen as the middle icon. Once in the 4-keystone adjustment settings, you can make big quick adjustments to fit the angle you need and then you can make minor adjustments with the 4-keystone correction. Now that you have the perfect image setup, it’s time to get your show running!

Step 3
Connect your Boxe to your local WiFi network through the network settings menu, which can be found in the settings icon on the main screen and then in the Network Settings option.

Step 4
With your internet connection, hit the arrow-like button on the controller to go to the launch menu. Then go to Aptoide TV to find your streaming service of choice. Download and install your streaming app and then open the app up Boxe lets you know your installation is complete and asks if you want to open your new app.

Step 5
Get your popcorn, drinks, maybe the house cat to keep you company if you’re going to watch a scary movie and then sit back, relax, and enjoy your movie on your brand new Heyup Boxe.

Now if you don’t have WiFi, that’s fine. You can hook up a laptop or computer to Boxe with an HDMI cord and watch any videos or DVDs you have that way.

And it’s really that easy. We hope you found this quick tutorial on how to get started with the Heyup Boxe helpful. There are still several other features for the Heyup Boxe for you to find, so don’t worry if you feel that what we described here isn’t enough, we just want to give you the chance to try out and explore everything this cute little projector can do on your own. If you have any questions or have found some inventive ways of using Heyup Boxe, let us know on our Discord or Forum.