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A Beidou short message was finally loaded into Huawei

The next battleground for smartphones is up in the sky. Imagine an extreme situation: When you're exploring a deserted no-man's land, you suddenly lose your cell phone signal, your food dwindles over time, your backup options run out, and you start to despair.

At this time, a terminal device directly connected to the satellite may be your last life-saving equipment. Source: Huawei Unlike traditional smartphones, the terminal equipment of satellite communication means it can connect directly to satellites. We know that the communication of smartphones mainly relies on the broadcast of mobile phone signal base stations on the ground, and satellite communication means "the mobile phone base station is directly attached to the satellite".

The mobile phone is directly connected to the satellite, and a distress message can be sent at any time in all parts of the country within the satellite coverage. Source: Huawei On September 6, Huawei announced that the Mate 50 has officially become the world's first mass smartphone to support Beidou satellite news. Huawei uses the short message function of the "Beidou-3" system (the third-generation Beidou system) and comprehensively upgrades the technical system to allow satellite communications to enter the public's smart phones and provide more people with more security in special environments. Guaranteed service.

Photo courtesy of Huawei In terms of the functions it provides, although Huawei Mate 50 still cannot completely replace a professional satellite handheld phone, it cannot conduct two-way instant satellite calls, and only provides short message services-that is, sending a 19 A short message within a word for help. But the more important significance is that the Beidou satellite has been in operation for 20 years, and its technical capabilities have been continuously improved.

Finally, a smart product for mass consumption has improved the availability of Beidou satellite information, and finally realized the "packing" of the satellite terminal into the pocket.  

At this Huawei Mobile Phone Innovation Technology Media Communication Conference, we also had the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with Bruce Lee, Vice President of Huawei Terminal BG Mobile Phone Product Line, to talk about the story behind this short message from Huawei.

After 20 years of Beidou, the integrated communication system of the sky and the earth will eventually become the support of Huawei's Mate 50 "piercing the sky" technology.  

In fact, the satellite system also has a very large market for civilian use. At present, there are four major satellite systems in the world. In addition to the most familiar GPS in the United States, there are also GLONASS in Russia, Galileo in Europe, and Beidou satellite system in China.