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Rapoo Unveils VT1 Dual High-Speed Series Mouse, Prices Starting at $41

Rapoo VT1 Series

Rapoo unveils the “ VT1 Dual High-Speed ​​Series ” mouse . The series includes three models: " VT1Air MAX ", " VT1PRO MAX " and " VT1PRO ", with prices starting at around $41. The VT1 series is designed for users with small to medium-sized hands.

Details of Rapoo VT1 Series

Each model is equipped with the Original Phase 3950 optical engine and a Realtek chip. This improves performance with dual-mode connectivity options. Native features are 4K wireless and 8K wired. The mice are lightweight, with the ' VT1Air MAX ' weighing around 50 grams and the ' VT1PRO ' and ' VT1PRO MAX ' models weighing around 59 grams.

Rapoo VT1 Series

These mice stand out in the market for their ability to operate continuously for up to 200 hours at a polling rate of 1K. This positions them as a leading choice for extended use without frequent recharges. This series stands out for its nano micro 4K power indicator receiver. An industry first that includes a power display in the taskbar.

Rapoo VT1 Series

The VT1 series optical engine supports up to 30,000 DPI. Tracking speed up to “ 750 IPS ” and acceleration up to 50G. This technical configuration guarantees precise control and rapid response in various usage scenarios. Users can also choose from seven levels of wireless polling rates to optimize performance.

Rapoo VT1 Series

The new generation of V+Wireless wireless gaming technology intelligent algorithm has very beautiful power consumption performance. It will achieve new breakthroughs in performance and power consumption, extend battery life, and bring a longer-lasting and more stable use experience.

Looking ahead, Rapoo plans to introduce additional features via OTA “ Over-The-Air ” updates for the VT1 series. These updates will include customizable DPI settings for the X and Y axes.

Regarding the release, although the exact release date of this Series has not been announced, further details are expected to follow soon.



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