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GameSir X4 Aileron
GameSir Sets a New Standard For Mobile Gaming With X4 Aileron Bluetooth controller

GameSir, a well-known manufacturer of top-notch gaming accessories, is excited to introduce its newest creation, the X4 Aileron mobile controller. This innovative device is set to change mobile gaming with its advanced features. The X4 Aileron is a telescopic controller specifically designed to fit most Android devices, providing gamers with a seamless and highly responsive gaming experience. Its advanced Bluetooth...

Ayaneo Pocket DMG launch
Ayaneo Pocket DMG: A Game Boy-Like Portable Game Consoles Will be Unveiled On May 18

The Pocket DMG, which has been highly anticipated, was first introduced during a SLIDE and FLIP launch event in November 2023. After releasing other gaming handheld devices, AYANEO briefly mentioned the Pocket DMG in early December 2023. Recently, the company surprised fans by sharing a new teaser of the Pocket DMG on its global social media accounts. The image featured...

OUKITEL Launched Its World's Thinnest Rugged Smartphone With an Android Tablet

  Hot on the heels of the successful debut in the Rugged Smartphone and tablets sector, OUKITEL, a renowned Chinese electronics brand, introduced its latest innovations - OUKITEL WP35 and OUKITEL OT5S. Here is everything you need to know about these two products, which has now debuted at an affordable price. Thinnest Rugged Smartphone With 11,000mAh Battery This world's thinnest rugged smartphone has a...

Eureka J12 Ultra Europe
Eureka J12 Ultra Landed In European Market, For a Price of €799

Eureka, a pioneer in home cleaning technology for over a century, has announced its latest robot vacuum, the Eureka J12 Ultra in the European market. Featuring automatic dust extraction, mop washing function and hot air drying at 55 degrees, this robot sets new standards in cleaning technology. Until May 24, Eureka J12 Ultra will be available for €679 instead of...

Air Chat
Airchat: A New Social Network Based On Voice Notes. What Could You Use It For?

Airchat is a new social media platform that combines the features of Twitter and Clubhouse. Instead of typing text, users record audio posts and the app automatically converts them to text. Followers can hear your voice along with text as they scroll through their feed. In the world of social media, there aren't many places to claim. For several years...

Aqara Hub M3 Global launch
Aqara Hub M3: A Multi-Protocol Matter Powerhouse Now Globally Available

Aqara has already shown its new Hub M3 at CES 2024 in January. As announced, the new smart home center is now officially launched for global markets. The new hub comes with some adjustments, supports Matter out of the box, and also works as a border router for a Thread network. The Aqara Hub M3 is the successor to the...

Shargeek 140 Kickstarter Compaign
Shargeek 140 Hit On Kickstarter: A Powerful External Battery With a Transparent Case

Sharge, the company behind the product recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of this power bank. Within just half an hour of the campaign going live, it had already gained 250 backers and raised over $29,000, far exceeding its initial funding goal of $3,000. The campaign is set to end on June 6th. Features The Shargeek 140...

Rapoo VT1 Series
Rapoo Unveils VT1 Dual High-Speed Series Mouse, Prices Starting at $41

Rapoo unveils the “ VT1 Dual High-Speed ​​Series ” mouse . The series includes three models: " VT1Air MAX ", " VT1PRO MAX " and " VT1PRO ", with prices starting at around $41. The VT1 series is designed for users with small to medium-sized hands. Details of Rapoo VT1 Series Each model is equipped with the Original Phase 3950 optical...

iFLYBUDS Pro 2 Pre-Sale
iFLYBUDS Pro 2 TWS Headset With “AI Conference Assistant” Launched, For $194

  After the successful launch of the iFLYBUDS Pro in 2022, the Chinese accessories manufacturer iFlyTek today has launched its successor called  iFLYBUDS Pro 2 TWS earbuds in China. And now it is available for pre-order. The iFlyBUDS Pro 2 is a successor to the iFlyBUDS Pro that were launched in 2022. This new model features an innovative "AI conference assistant" that can interpret conversations in 32...

Acemagic M2A Starship
Acemagic M2A Starship Unveiled In Star Wars Fighter Design

AceMagic, a leading mini-PC company, recently unveiled its latest creation, the M2A StarShip. This unique computer was revealed in honor of Star Wars Day on May 4th, featuring a design inspired by the iconic X-Wing fighter from the Star Wars universe. The computer received a design vaguely reminiscent of an X-Wing fighter. There is a backlight on the front of...

70mai A510 Driving Recorder
70mai A510 Driving Recorder Set to Debut On May 9, Featured "Advanced License Plate Capture"

In a move set to redefine the landscape of driving recorder technology, 70mai has revealed its latest innovation, the License Plate Night Shooting Catcher A510. The company made the official announcement on May 3, with a slated release event scheduled for 20:00 on May 9. This unveiling marks a significant advancement in the era of automotive safety and surveillance systems....

Roborock S8 Max Series Official In US: The Ultimate Cleaning Companions for Modern Homes
Roborock S8 Max Series Official In US: The Ultimate Cleaning Companions for Modern Homes

Roborock, a leading company in smart home robotics, has unveiled its latest S8 Max Series robot vacuums in the US market. This new lineup, including S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra models, is now available for purchase, offering customers an extended five-year warranty and exclusive gift bundles. See Roborock S8 Max Series With the introduction of the Roborock S8 Max...

Storing Photos In Cloud
Storing Photos In the Cloud: How, What and Where?

In the digital age we live in, storing photos in the cloud has become a popular and practical solution. The cloud offers a safe and accessible way to store your precious memories. In this article we discuss how to store photos in the cloud and the pros and cons of popular services such as iCloud, Google Photos, Dropbox and OneDrive....

AYANEO Pocket S Launched
AYANEO Pocket S Released For $399 With Snapdragon G3x Gen 2

AYANEO has just launched the Pocket S, a high-end Android handheld device featuring the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform and setting a new benchmark for Android handheld gaming experiences with its sleek and stylish design reminiscent of flagship smartphones and their top-notch performance. You can already order the new product on Indiegogo.  AYANEO Pocket S is a flagship model...

Proscenic Unveils the P13 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For Easy Deep-Cleaning
Proscenic Unveils the P13 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For Easy Deep-Cleaning

Smart home appliance manufacturer Proscenic, with a history of making components for Panasonic, Hitachi, Zojirushi, and Philips, today announces the availability of its new P13 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. The P13 combines high-performance suction power with versatility, making it the ideal option for homeowners looking for an efficient, convenient and pet-friendly cleaning solution. With a specially designed V-shaped anti-tangle floor brush,...

iPhone 16 models dummies
All Four iPhone 16 Models Shown Again In a Photo: What Apple Will Surprise

Leaks related to the new iPhone 16 smartphones continue to appear on the Internet. For example, the insider DuanRui published several screenshots in X, which show "dummies" of all four models. Such "bums" are used by case manufacturers to develop accessories for the official release of smartphones. The design shown in the images confirmed early rumors about the smartphones. Information...



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