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RTX 4080M Requires 20W More Power to Achieve Same Performance of RTX 4090M

RTX 4080M Requires 20W More Power


The issue of lower-end SKUs overpowering flagship SKUs due to their greater power capacity is widely recognized and documented. This became a significant problem two generations ago with GeForce, forcing NVIDIA and laptop manufacturers to reveal more information regarding the TGP (Total Graphics Power) of each RTX Laptop GPU included in each system.

However, those who ignore the TGP numbers may end up paying excessively for high-end GPU models that have limited power capabilities. In that scenario, one could have opted for a more affordable laptop with a higher GPU performance.

ComputerBase conducted testing on two laptops: the MSI TITAN GT77HX V13 and XMG Neo 16 E23, which were equipped with the RTX 4090/i9-13950HX and RTX 4080/i7-13700HX specifications, respectively. Both systems were set to the maximum TGP configuration for the GPU, with a total power allocation of 150W plus 25W for Dynamic Boost, which dynamically distributes power between the CPU and GPU. The aim of the test was to measure the power scaling of each GPU.

RTX 4080M Requires 20W More Power


They selected Shadow Warrior 3 with a 1440p resolution and the maximum level of details to demonstrate the performance to power consumption ratio in a single graph. The RTX 4090 can be set to the minimum TGP of 80W, while the RTX 4080 can go down to 60W.

GeForce RTX 4080 Laptop GPU requires 20W more

GeForce RTX 4090 / 4080 FPS per Watt scaling, Source: ComputerBase

They came up with the following conclusions.

  1. The RTX 4080 laptop GPU with AD104 operating at 150 watts is just as fast as the RTX 4090 laptop GPU with AD103 at 125 watts. However, even the most advanced configurations of the mobile RTX 4090 are definitely quicker than a mobile RTX 4080.
  2. The smallest configuration of the 4090, which is rated at 80 watts, has 30 percent more power compared to the smallest configuration of the RTX 4080, which is rated at 60 watts.
  3. In the range from 80 to 150 watts, the lines of both models run almost parallel, with lower TDPs the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 laptop GPU are therefore somewhat closer together than with higher ones.
  4. To achieve the same level of performance as the RTX 4090 laptop GPU, the RTX 4080 laptop GPU requires a power consumption of approximately 20 watts more.

There is a possibility that the RTX 4080 could surpass the performance of the RTX 4090, however, this would necessitate a minimum of 20W more energy consumption to match the RTX 4090. Despite its superior energy efficiency, the flagship NVIDIA GPU may not always make up for the cost increase in laptops.

RTX 4080M Requires 20W More Power

GeForce RTX 4090 / 4080 FPS per Watt scaling, Source: ComputerBase

The upcoming AD104, AD106, and AD107 GPUs are expected to offer much more exciting power scaling capabilities. With most high-end laptops already equipped with high TGP variants of RTX 4080/4090, the likelihood of purchasing a heavily throttled system, especially with an RTX 4090 graphics card, is low.

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