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iPhone 17 and 17 Plus
iPhone 17 and 17 Plus May Have a 120 Hz Screen and Always-On

Although the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro have not yet been launched , rumors are already revealing what we could see in the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus. The base models of the generation we will see in 2025 would reportedly have two of the best features of the Pro models: the ProMotion display with a 120Hz refresh...

Qualcomm at MWC 2024
MWC 2024: Qualcomm Reveals Future of 5G With Snapdragon X80 Modem and FastConnect 7900

At the ongoing MWC 2024 event in Barcelona, ​​many companies from around the world are showcasing their latest products and services. In a new development, Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon X80 5G modem, FastConnect 7900 and many other features at this event. Accordingly, Qualcomm at MWC 2024 introduced the next generation 5G modem and connection system that will further promote the...

Oppo Air Glass 3 XR
Oppo Air Glass 3 XR Unveiled: A AR Glasses With AI Voice Assistant

Apart from the foldable smartphone trend, smart wearable devices such as AR glasses or VR headsets are also still popular and developing rapidly. At MWC 2024 which is currently taking place in Barcelona, ​​Oppo itself is showing a prototype for its newest AR glasses by presenting the Air Glass 3 XR. In terms of design, this AR glasses has a fairly standard...

Features of iPad Air 2024
Features to Expect On the Next Generation iPad Air

The upcoming iPad Air line could be the biggest update to date, as Apple first announced plans to introduce a model with a larger shape, measuring 12.9 inches. In this article, we will take a look at three rumored features for the next iPad Air. The figure is 12.9 inches larger In 2020, Apple launched the iPad Air line with...

Nubia Pad 3D II and Nubia Flip
Nubia Pad 3D II and Nubia Flip Will be Presented at MWC 2024

Nubia Pad 3D II is Nubia's second 3D tablet model, promising to provide a 3D viewing experience with the naked eye without the need for glasses or specialized equipment. Recently, Nubia has just posted an article on Weibo, thereby confirming that it will launch its next tablet model called Nubia Pad 3D II on February 26, within the framework of...

Apple's Unique Notch and Dynamic Island Design
Apple's Unique Notch and Dynamic Island Design Leaked

With the iPhone 14 Pro models in 2022, Apple introduced Dynamic Island which can transform and expand to display system alerts, sports scores, and more. This new feature enhances the usability of the area surrounding the front camera and Face ID sensor compared to the notch found on previous iPhone models. According to information from MacRumors, Apple had many different...

New Google Cross-Device Services Features
Google Plans to Expand Cross Device Services to Android Devices

Google plans to introduce new features that will make Android devices work together faster and easier. They will be part of Cross-Device Services, services that will allow for better cooperation between different devices using the same account. This information has not yet been confirmed by Google - for now, it was shared by one of the Android leaker @AssembleDebug on...

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video Now Charges Extra For Content With Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Amazon Prime Video, the tech giant's popular streaming service, has made it clear that the luxuries of Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos immersive audio will no longer be part of the standard subscription package. This move, which has generated some stir among users, is in addition to another significant change previously announced: the introduction of ads within the content,...

Apple's Future Silicon Chip System
Vision Pro's R1 Chip Anticipates Future Apple Silicon Chip Systems

  iFixit, the company that sells spare parts and known to enthusiasts for its disassembly guides for various products, has also disassembled a Vision Pro and on X (formerly Twitter) some hardware specialists have pointed out that the R1 chip shows lines that divide the chip into subgroups. The R1 chip could be Apple's first to take advantage of packaging...

Google Play Protect Financial Fraud Feature
Google Play Protect Now Offers Enhanced Protection Against Financial Fraud For Android Users.

  Google Play is adding more layers of security to Play Protect to help prevent financial fraud. We are developing an anti-fraud project that will first be tested in Singapore in the coming weeks. Google said in a blog post that it has seen a sharp increase in fraud cases. The Global Anti-Scam Alliance's 2023 State of Global Fraud report...

Apple Vision Pro Password
Apple Vision Pro Password Unchangeable Without Visiting an Apple Store

Apple Vision Pro is priced at $3,499. Undoubtedly, this device has captured the attention of technology enthusiasts all over the world. This technology, which merges the real and virtual worlds, has aroused the interest of many people. However, the price of $3,499 is a pretty hefty amount, so it's a good idea to know all the details before spending that...

One Smart TV or This? Discover How Boxe Lite Elevates Your Setup for Less
One Smart TV or This? Discover How Boxe Lite Elevates Your Setup for Less

Transform your home with Heyup Boxe Lite, the ultimate budget-friendly projector. Offering a high-quality, versatile experience, it's perfect for gaming and movies. Pair with PS5 and Polk Audio ES15 for an unbeatable setup. Embrace the best in mini projectors without breaking the bank.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Teardown
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Durability Test and Teardown (video)

The Samsung Galaxy S24 range was presented last week and now we can get an idea of ​​the construction solutions adopted by the South Korean giant for its Galaxy S24 Ultra flagship. The latest smartphone that had to withstand various drops and scratches in the durability test by PBKreviews. Durability Drop & Scratch Test  As usual, the Galaxy phone was...

HoloTile: Disney Shows an Omnidirectional VR Smart Tile

  A major problem with virtual reality (VR) applications is locomotion. Hand movements can already simulate applications well, but walking is usually a problem. For this, users usually need a large room or a VR treadmill, which is usually quite expensive and bulky. But now, according to Standard, Disney has found a possible solution to this challenge. The group recently...

Nubia Z60 and Red Magic 9 Pro Year of the Dragon Limited Edition
Nubia Z60 and Red Magic 9 Pro Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Announced

In December, Nubia introduced its latest flagship smartphone called Nubia Z60 Ultra, and a month later the company announced a special edition of this device. The report comes from the weibo forum. The first orders will start in just a few days. The producer mentioned January 24, 2024. The presentation date has been precisely specified, but the price remains a...

Google Bard Advanced
Google Bard Advanced Will Launch Later This Year: Here's What It Entails

  The discussion on artificial intelligence becomes more central every day in the life of companies dealing with technology and among the various giants of the sector it is practically an open challenge. A few days ago, for example, we saw the brand new Copilot Pro from Microsoft , which brings to Windows many new AI functions ready to make...