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OAK & IRON WAVE/WAVE Pro Smart Outdoor Inflator

Available countries: Global
Version: WAVE & WAVE Pro
Value: $199/$299
Quantity: 6 units

Revolutionize your inflatable equipment with the OAK & IRON WAVE/WAVE Pro Smart Outdoor Inflator, reducing inflation time by half. Achieve a swift inflation and deflation process for your outdoor products every time.

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Key Features

High-pressure pump up to 20 PSI & extremely FAST Inflation Speed

6.5-Inch ultra-large screen with real-time information

Highly versatile use, perfect for outdoor use & home backyard

Cordless, powerful & easy to use (WAVE PRO ONLY)

Dual-use with 1-2 mins quick deflation mode

Two-motor with two-stage powerful inflatable airflow

About OAK & IRON

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