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Honda executive: The cost of e-motorcycles is about 5-80% higher than that of gasoline ones

According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, Nomura Shinji, the executive director of Honda's two-wheeler business, said in a recent interview that at present:

If Honda wants to produce electric motorcycles with the same performance as gasoline motorcycles, the cost will be higher. 5-8 percent. Expensive batteries are a big reason.In order to reduce costs, it will further promote the common use of parts with gasoline motorcycles.

Nomura Shinji said that it is currently difficult to jointly purchase batteries with four-wheeled vehicles. Shipments of electric two-wheelers are limited, using cylindrical battery cells used in electronic products and the like.

The pure electric four-wheeled vehicle is equipped with a square battery. Two-wheelers and four-wheelers may use different battery cells in the short term.