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Tmall Double 11 kicked off 4 hours, and Taobao Live's waist anchor increased by 365% year-on-year

Pinwan, October 25th, in the four hours from 20:00 to 24:00 on October 24th, this year's Tmall Double 11 pre-sale Taobao live broadcast generated 130 live broadcast rooms with pre-sale amounts exceeding 10 million. Source: Taobao Live pre-sale 4-hour transcript Dao Fang, the person in charge of Taobao Live, said that since the beginning of this year, Taobao Live has built a live broadcast venue with content as the core. of new anchors keep joining. On the evening of October 24th, 4 hours after the opening of Tmall Double 11 pre-sale, the waist anchors and new anchors of Taobao Live achieved explosive growth, and the pre-sale guidance amount increased by 365% and 684% year-on-year respectively, becoming the number one in tens of millions of live broadcast rooms. major force. At the same time, live broadcast agencies also achieved a year-on-year growth of 165%. Since last year, Taobao Live has spared no effort to support waist anchors and new anchors. It has successively launched four anchor policies, including the New Pilot Program, the Lighting Alliance, the Super New Coffee Program, and the Yuanli Program, with the goal of supporting 2,000 accounts to double their transactions. The annual turnover of 5,000 store broadcasters exceeds 10 million, and 100 content accounts with more than one million fans are cultivated. Taobao live page data shows that new anchors represented by Luo Yonghao, Yaowang Dream Station, Bee Surprise Club, and Shiitake Lai, and core waist anchors such as Lieer Baby, Chen Jiekiki, Timor Little Crazy, etc. have suddenly emerged, and the pre-sale will not start. By 1 hour, the average number of viewers exceeded 10 million. Luo Yonghao also thanked everyone in his Taobao live broadcast room on October 24, and said, "I like Taobao live broadcast very much. This is the first time I came here, and I fully felt everyone's enthusiasm." Later, Luo Yonghao also announced that this year's double 11 will be held on Tmall. There will be 6 live broadcasts, among which, on October 28, October 31, and November 2, talk show actors Xu Zhisheng, Li Dan, Bird Bird, He Guangzhi, etc. will come to Taobao to broadcast one after another.