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These Brands find the answer on TikTok

The traffic cheat code cannot be copied, but the marketing thinking and strategy of breaking the brand circle can be traced. TikTok's prosperous content ecology is secretly surging with strong consumption power, new trends are surging, and new cultures are being formed.

The possibility of redefining a global brand has attracted and fascinated countless people. Pinwan cooperates with TikTok for Business to restore the business opportunities in the TikTok ecosystem, interpret the innovative management of global companies, discover the resonance between Chinese brands and global users, and witness the birth of new brands and legendary marketing stories. Here, everyone has a chance to be seen, and so do brands.

If a Southeast Asian user opens TikTok in September this year, he is likely to encounter a slightly ghostly video work while swiping his fingers up and down. In the video, Malaysian talent itsafiqhakim is dancing a magical dance while avoiding virtual objects falling on the screen. One of the most eye-catching is a couple of air fryers.  

@itsafiqhakim participating in the #GweichRancak brand challenge Yes, this is an ad, and many people may have never heard of the brand Gweich when they opened it. It is different from the forms of advertising that people are familiar with in the past: The video’s hashtag #GweichRancak — a combination of the brand’s name and the Southeast Asian internet sensation ranack (meaning to enjoy the moment) — was retweeted and recreated within a few days, along with its dance challenge24 million times.

That is to say, the Gweich brand air fryer is flying around in 240,000 short videos, and people are endlessly discussing and reposting-if this article is a TikTok short video, it should end here, and Gweich's name is etched in your mind. This is brand building like never before.

How "unconscious" the process of users accepting it is, how earth-shaking the changes it brings to companies' brand building. Gweich is a sub-brand of Gaabor, a small home appliance company headquartered in China. According to a report previously shared by China State Grid, the year-on-year sales growth of small household appliances in Malaysia will reach 57% in 2021. This is exactly the market Gaabor wants to win.

It hopes to target young people in Southeast Asia by launching small household appliances with advanced technology and strict quality control, so as to become the preferred brand for Southeast Asian families. Among them, the main sub-brand Gweich's air fryer this time has the functions of visualization and steam frying based on the lack of local market. The product is available and the market positioning has been established, but as a young brand that is not yet well-known in Southeast Asia, how to quickly establish its own brand presence?