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Twitter Refugees Flock to Mammoths

On Monday, US time, the Silicon Stars were woken up by Musk’s tweet early in the morning.

That's right, I recently set up notifications for his tweets in order to keep up with the latest developments in Twitter's farce... He actually tweeted two in a row, one of which was accompanied by a screenshot of the social network that looked a lot like Twitter.

His tweet reads: If you don't like Twitter anymore, here's a great site called Masterbatedone. Image credit: @elonmusk via @KurtWagner8 These two tweets (which he quickly deleted), which on the surface appeared to be "masterbate" frivolous jokes, are actually what he wanted to satirize, which has been getting a lot of attention recently.

New form of social network: Mastodon. Since Musk officially took over Twitter, the farce has continued, and the day-to-day operations of the company have been almost paralyzed after major layoffs.

Some Twitter-addicted elite users have a question: If Twitter is about to run out, where do we go?  Mastodon, became the most popular answer. Mastodon official logo  

How to play? Mastodon, a microblogging social network that is rapidly evolving into a mass product. Simply put, the way it is used is no different from social network such as Twitter and Weibo.

On Twitter, a message, and the act of posting it, is called a "tweet" (tweet, tweet) and the Mastodon version is called a "toot" (toot, toot/toot). On Mastodon, you can send your own posts, follow other users and read their posts, and perform routine operations such as replying, liking and reposting.

Two Mammoth Doots  And, the Doots on Mammoths also support non-plain text content that is common on social networks today, such as emoji expressions, pictures/movies, videos, audio files, voting Wait.




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