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Acemagic M2A Starship Unveiled In Star Wars Fighter Design

Acemagic M2A Starship

AceMagic, a leading mini-PC company, recently unveiled its latest creation, the M2A StarShip. This unique computer was revealed in honor of Star Wars Day on May 4th, featuring a design inspired by the iconic X-Wing fighter from the Star Wars universe. The computer received a design vaguely reminiscent of an X-Wing fighter.

Acemagic M2A Starship

There is a backlight on the front of the body and the “wings”. The PC uses an active cooling system with four coolers and seven copper heat pipes. It is quite non-standard for them, since miniPCs usually only need very basic cooling. Here they will probably go straight to higher configurations.

Acemagic M2A Starship

In addition to the high-tech appearance, the M2A StarShip features a small screen on the front that displays important system information such as TDP, component temperatures, processor frequency, fan speed, and memory usage. This provides users with real-time updates on the PC's performance.

In terms of specifications, the M2A StarShip is expected to offer options for Intel i7 and i9 processors, as well as graphics chips ranging from RTX 4060 to RTX 4080. The memory will be up to 64GB. They had the same thing with last year's version in the AceMagic Tank 03 desktop. If you want, check out their entire offer, they have some interesting design miniPCs.

Acemagic M2A Starship

At present, the M2A StarShip is available for pre-order, with customers receiving a 35% discount if they also list their favorite sci-fi games during registration. This exclusive offer adds to the excitement surrounding the release of AceMagic's latest advanced technology.

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