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Roborock S8 Max Series Official In US: The Ultimate Cleaning Companions for Modern Homes

Roborock S8 Max Series USA

Roborock, a leading company in smart home robotics, has unveiled its latest S8 Max Series robot vacuums in the US market. This new lineup, including S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra models, is now available for purchase, offering customers an extended five-year warranty and exclusive gift bundles.

See Roborock S8 Max Series

With the introduction of the Roborock S8 Max Series, the brand takes a step up from its previous S7 MaxV Series. Richard Chang, founder and CEO of Roborock, highlights the all-new docking system as a key feature, along with the FlexiArm Design Side Brush and upgraded VibraRise3.0 Mopping System. These improvements demonstrate Roborock's dedication to continuous innovation and high-quality product development.

The S8 Max Series has received positive reviews from various media outlets, and awarded the title of “Best of CES 2024.” Its standout features, such as the FlexiArm Design Side Brush and Extra Edge Spinning Mop System, ensure thorough edge cleaning and corner coverage.

The S8 MaxV Ultra offers a powerful suction of 10,000Pa, while the S8 Max Ultra provides 8,000Pa. The VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System comes with two vibration modules and sonic mopping at 4,000 times per minute, along with a 20mm mop module lift to prevent carpets from getting wet during cleaning.

Roborock S8 Max Series USA

The RockDock Ultra system in the series is designed to use 60°C hot water and heated air for maintenance purposes. An optional dock version includes automatic refill and drainage capabilities. The series also has various other technologies, such as a built-in voice assistant, DirTect mess identification, Reactive AI 2.0 obstacle evasion, and additional features.

Here are a few standout features of the Roborock S8 Max series vacuum cleaners. In addition to those, they also include extras such as video calling capabilities and a user-friendly companion app for convenient monitoring of the devices.

Price and Availability

The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra Series has launched with a 5-year warranty, so it can be purchased from Amazon or the Roborock webstore. The S8 MaxV Ultra is priced at $1,799.99, while the S8 Max Ultra is available at a discounted price of $1,399, saving you 13%.

As part of a special promotion, buys of S8 MaxV Ultra will also get you a triple gift pack worth up to $1,000. This pack includes a five-year warranty valued at $419, a 'buy-one-get-one' offer on Flexi Lite worth $399.99, and accessory packages worth $182. For more information about the S8 Max Series and to take advantage of the open sale, visit brand's official website.



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