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SwitchBot Tryout Program Review Wrap-up

It has been a little while since we finished up the SwitchBot Tryout, and the reviews are in! So what does everyone think of SwitchBot Bot and the SwitchBot Curtain? 


A Collection of SwitchBot Product

SwitchBot Bot and SwitchBot Curtain Scored Solidly

Overall, among our reviewers, everyone was pleased with these products and scored on average a 4 out of 5 for SwitchBot. Way to go SwitchBot. There are of course some very valid reasons for not having a perfect score and our reviewers pointed them out, along with solutions to mitigate them, way to go, everyone. Didn’t get a chance to see the reviews yet? No worries, you can pop on over to our Heyup Community and read the reviews to your heart’s content. 


Need A Quick Reminder On What Is SwitchBot?

Or maybe you missed the Tryout and didn’t hear about SwitchBot? Not to worry, I got your back. Our SwitchBot Tryout was a unique one because it was in fact two different smart home products from the same brand and reviewers got to try one or the other. The two smart home products from SwitchBot we tried out were the SwitchBot Bot and the SwitchBot Curtain.


The SwitchBot Bot

The SwitchBot Bot

This is a cute little box with a small plastic arm attached to it that allows you to turn just about anything in your house into a smart device by just using the SwitchBot Bot to push the buttons for you. The little Bot comes with everything you need to set it up and can be placed just about anywhere with some of the double-sided table that comes with it. Once you’re set-up, just load up the APP on your phone, connect via Bluetooth and you’re all set. For more detailed instructions, our awesome reviewers were often awesome enough to give us a step-by-step installation guide, along with pictures! Really, great job on that guys, it helps a lot. 


The SwitchBot Curtain

SwitchBot Curtain

Just like the SwitchBot Bot, the Curtain model is a little device designed to make your not smart curtains, into smart curtains by letting you open and close them remotely or on a timer, just like the SwitchBot Bot. The main difference is in the design since they have to open curtains. To make life easier though, the SwitchBot Curtain does come with a solar panel charger, so batteries aren’t a problem. It is more complex to set up though, so the step-by-step instructions provided by our reviewers to install it are truly appreciated, I am sure.


Why Only 4 Out Of 5?

With these products doing such a good job at their niche goal of making dumb household appliances or buttons smart, why aren’t they scoring perfectly? Well as our reviewers pointed out, the SwitchBot system can still be improved upon. 


Right out of the box, for example, the SwitchBot devices only work via Bluetooth after you have installed the APP. This prevents some of their features from being used and forces you to only use them when you are home since the Bluetooth signal is limited and easy to be blocked. 


SwichtBot does have a solution for this by offering the SwitchBot Hub, so the system and all of the devices can connect to your WiFi. Sadly this hub is sold separately and will cost another $50.


The price is also a little prohibitive, with each element costing around $20 to $70 a piece and then when you add in tax and shipping, it can get kinda expensive compared to other smart home options. 


However, for a solution that does not require remolding of the house, wire work, or buying everything at once, SwitchBot has proven to be a great solution. So I’d say our reviewers nailed it with an average score of 4, out of 5.