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A new way of cross-border e-commerce, use overseas influencer marketing to master the traffic password|Overseas influencer marketing column

Overseas Influencer Marketing is a series of topics specially planned by Pinwan's globalization team. Readers and brands who are concerned about globalization must have noticed that influencer marketing has become a must-have marketing option for companies going overseas. From affiliate marketing that focuses on advertising effects, to celebrity cooperation that emphasizes brand tonality, to integrated marketing communications across platforms, multi-media, and various forms of content, the concept of influencer marketing has been evolving in practice, helping more Chinese companies have achieved improvements in traffic, localization, and brand power. In this issue, there will be a series of exclusive interview articles, industry news updates, dry goods note sharing, online live broadcasts, offline closed-door salons, and in-depth discussions on topics of common concern. We look forward to "riding the wind and waves" with more Chinese companies going overseas and cross-border merchants under the wave of digital marketing! Welcome to pay attention. Earlier this year, the Influencer Marketing Hub released the 2022 Influencer Marketing Industry Report. The report collects and summarizes the views of more than 2,000 marketing agencies, brands and industry stakeholders on influencer marketing. Here are some interesting data and information from the report: The size of the influencer marketing industry will grow to approximately US$16.4 billion in 2022. In 2021 alone, platforms focusing on influencer marketing received over US$800 million in capital financing, which is a testament to the significant growth of the industry. In 2021, the number of global influencer marketing-related service offerings will grow by 26%, with 18,900 companies providing or specializing in influencer marketing services More than 75% of brand marketers plan to spend their budgets on influencer marketing in 202268 % of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing spending in 2022 Significant increase in brands paying influencer collaborations in 2021 Rapid growth of industry players and significant customer intent for brands all point to the fact that the boom in influencer marketing continues Continue. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub Such results are not surprising. In the era of digital marketing, the "brand promotion" and "conversion effect" that companies value can all be rewarded through influencer marketing. In the domestic e-commerce circle, a set of "formulas" for quickly building new consumer brands was widely rumored: "10,000 Xiaohongshu + 5,000 Douyin + 3,000 B stations + 2,000 Zhihu + 1 head anchor + 10 waist anchors = 1 success new consumer brand”. The elements substituted in this formula are basically inseparable from influencer marketing. On the track of going overseas, there are several popular industries where Chinese companies are most competitive, from e-commerce retail to application games, and there are many successful precedents for online celebrity marketing.



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