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Break the cocoon of the mobile phone and turn into a butterfly of all things

In 2019, the United States began to sanction Huawei. In response, the operating system that Huawei has been planning for many years, Hongmeng, came to the front from behind the scenes.

Initially, Hongmeng gained a lot of attention, but it also caused huge controversy. Some people think that since then, the Chinese software industry has its own roots and is no longer afraid of the blockade by the United States. Some people think that Hongmeng is just a skinned Android, just Huawei's last crazy marketing concept.

Why is Hongmeng so controversial? The reason is that after the birth of Hongmeng, everyone thought that it was just an operating system for mobile phones, so they unconsciously found Android, which seemed to be a target, and tried to establish something between the two. association.

Four years ago, perhaps Hongmeng had undertaken the historical mission of saving Huawei's smartphone business. But today in 2022, Hongmeng has already broken through the cocoon of mobile phones and transformed into a colorful butterfly of the Internet of Everything. Image source: Huawei spins a cocoon, and has been dormant for four years, time goes back to 2019



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