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Guidance for pit avoidance of "big injustice" tempered film

With the release of the iPhone 14 series, the entire mobile phone circle has set off a new round of "replacement tide". However, although the iPhone is selling well, in my opinion, the most profitable person is not Cook, but these domestic mobile phone film manufacturers. The cost of tempered film for mobile phones is low and the profit is high, but there are relatively many brands, and there is not much money to distribute to each company. Otherwise, these tempered film manufacturers may be more profitable than Apple. In the past few days, many friends around me have changed to new mobile phones and asked me if I should use the tempered film of the whole "personality point" to highlight their "smart island", but to be honest, it is so big. The "pill" is already obvious enough, how can it be highlighted... In the past two years, there are indeed many "new tricks" in the mobile phone tempered film market, such as privacy films, printing films, green light films, and 36D tempered films. From the perspective of product functions, these tempered films are strange and gimmicky. Far greater than the actual significance, cutting consumers' leeks is one after another, and it is not soft at all. And many mobile phone films named by these new names will have a lot of impact on the eyes. Today, I will talk to you about some common mobile phone stickers on the market, as well as some strange tempered films, to protect you from lightning. "Dry eyes and astringent eyes" anti-peep film Anti-peep film can be said to be a hot film at present, and it is often seen on the Internet that people are promoting such products. This kind of tempered film can be very popular today, to a certain extent, it is related to the fact that consumers pay more attention to privacy. Today's privacy films generally have a privacy angle between 25° and 35°, and some cheap tempered films are lower at around 40° to 45°, which can effectively isolate the peeping on the phone screen next to them. Source: Flash Magic Official It looks cool, but in fact the principle of the privacy film is very simple. When we first saw the privacy film, we must be very surprised that the film is not white, but similar to black and gray. This is because the privacy film uses a shutter-like design principle. Image source: from the Internet



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