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Luxury MPV full-scene intelligence Extreme Krypton 009 will be launched on November 1st

Pinwan, October 25th, today, Ji Krypton 009 continued to announce the interior design concept of "Luxury at Ease". Jikr said that based on the future trend of the relationship between people and space, Jikr 009 will create a more technological and efficient mobile "Penthouse", and the new car will be officially launched at 20:00 on November 1. Extremely Krypton 009 is based on SEA's vast intelligent evolution experience architecture, and has more space for planning, creating a "flexible space for business work/leisure and entertainment" for the second and third rows. For example, in fast-paced business scenarios, efficient travel is the core requirement of business people. While having a long cruising range, the Extreme Krypton 009 can also pass through the 15.6-inch central ceiling screen and "meeting mode". Photo source: In the process of efficiently leading to the destination, it can also complete important meetings. In addition, the 6-seat seats of the Ji Krypton 009 are all ergonomically wrapped and come standard with full-grain leather fabrics. The natural leather full-grain surface is more delicate and more comfortable to the touch, and it takes the lead in air permeability, anti-wear and anti-fouling. At the same time, in order to ensure an extremely spacious riding experience, the second row of JK 009 has large leather armrests and is equipped with cup holders, contoured seat adjustment buttons that can be operated blindly, and exquisite leather table tops, creating the ultimate for users. First class. Photo source: JK 009 creates the ultimate first-class cabin for users. In the third row that traditional luxury MPVs are accustomed to ignore, JK 009 provides users with a more abundant ride space with the space advantage of "native pure electric". In addition to the extreme comfort brought by the full-grain leather fabric, the third-row seats of the 009 can even be completely folded, creating a more spacious "paradise" for children in the scene of a family outing. At the same time, the 15.6-inch central ceiling screen supports a rich ecosystem of functions such as SWITCH access/wireless screen projection, making the “big flat in the sky” a “large living room” for parent-child interaction for the whole family. Image source: The third row of seats in Ji Krypton 009 can be completely flat Image source: The "big flat in the air" can also become a "large living room" for the whole family to interact with parents and children The unique design concept of "Balance One Room" and the "big flat in the sky" of JK 009 provide users with a perfect intelligent travel experience in multiple scenarios of high-end travel. Realizing the "spatial translation" of high-end life is exactly what JK 009 understands about the current and future luxury MPV travel.



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