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PingPong and FedEx jointly create cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions

Pinwan, October 25th, recently, FedEx and PingPong, one of the world's largest digital trade service providers, have joined hands to create a set of cross-border e-commerce integrated logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce users, and provide a more secure cross-border e-commerce logistics solution. Compliant, efficient and convenient cross-border payment services, aiming to increase the globalization process of cross-border e-commerce enterprises.  This time, the two parties will jointly provide Chinese cross-border e-commerce users with lower-cost and more efficient logistics solutions through complementary resources and advantages: On the one hand, FedEx and PingPong will provide users with competitive service prices, Reduce user payment and logistics costs; on the other hand, cross-border e-commerce users in the PingPong platform can obtain FedEx exclusive accounts and enjoy a full-featured one-stop solution - FedEx Compatible Solution (FedEx Compatible Solution), which can One-click integration of FedEx waybill generation and transportation service resource information to reduce losses and risks caused by incorrect order information, and at the same time, FedEx consignment service information can be easily compatible with the e-commerce platform used by cross-border e-commerce users, greatly improving Logistics processing efficiency of orders. For FedEx users who have opened a PingPong account, they can also achieve payment and receipt on global mainstream e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Walmart, Shopee, Lazada, etc.) and independent stations (Shopify, etc.) in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. and other agile payment services, and supports rapid exchange and cross-border settlement of more than 30 currencies. At the same time, it can also obtain value-added services such as operation selection according to user needs to help expand global business.



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