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The live shopping function was launched, and in preparation for Double Eleven, station B finally betrayed the second dimension

After years of live streaming, Bilibili has finally started adding e-commerce content to the livestreaming process. After several months of internal testing, Bilibili Live launched a live shopping function in the middle of this month, allowing anchors to directly insert product links in the live broadcast. At the same time, the shopping live broadcast area is also launched on the Bilibili live broadcast channel, which is convenient for users to know which live broadcast rooms are bringing goods. Source: Bilibili At present, the shopping function of Bilibili is relatively simple. Only the anchor who applies will add the "Little Yellow Cart" button in the live broadcast room. After clicking, you can see the product link. These product links come from different shopping platforms, including Taobao,, and Bilibili’s own membership purchases. Users can directly jump to the corresponding link to purchase during the live broadcast. Source: Bilibili Bilibili's membership purchase business has been in operation for many years, and it has been selling Bilibili official products, computer peripherals, 2D peripherals, exhibition tickets and blind boxes. The two-dimensional community positioning of Libili in the early years is very consistent. However, the current Bilibili is no longer the "small broken station" with two-dimensional users as the core. The previous financial report showed that the average daily active users of Bilibili reached 83.5 million in the second quarter, a year-on-year increase of 33%. % . User growth has not brought profit growth. The net loss of Station B in the second quarter of 2022 reached 2.010 billion yuan. The data shows that Station B needs more revenue growth points to turn losses into profits. E-commerce business may be another key point for Station B after the game business. Source: Bilibili At present, the types of products purchased by members are difficult to meet the needs of most users, which makes brands not interested in entering. Whether it is to meet the needs of more users, add more product types to the existing membership shopping platform and attract more brands to settle in. Or establish a new e-commerce platform to meet the shopping needs of users with different preferences. In order to increase revenue, Station B needs to transform the existing e-commerce platform. Live e-commerce is the first stop for this change. In addition to the transformation of its own e-commerce platform, station B also needs to adjust the live broadcast content of UP hosts and anchors. For the anchors of station B, the addition of live broadcasts can help them find new sources of income. Station B has also launched a recruitment incentive activity to attract anchors to join the live broadcast team with a lower threshold and certain rewards. Source: Bilibili