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vivo imaging strategy release, a new generation of self-developed imaging chips and a number of new technologies unveiled

The vivo imaging strategy conference was officially held. At the meeting, vivo took stock of its previous adherence to the image concept, that is, to restore what the eye sees and surpass what the eye sees through professional capabilities. vivo's imaging technology matrix was also officially announced at this imaging strategy conference: vivo has announced the imaging technology matrix around the "three parallels", that is, it strives to make the product's imaging functions comparable to professional imaging equipment, professional photography teams, and professional post-production capabilities. , to bring users a satisfactory video experience. Image source: from the Internet In order to make mobile phones comparable to professional imaging equipment, vivo has created four major imaging technology modules: optical perception system, color restoration engine, ultra-clear image quality engine, and computing power acceleration engine. Beginning with light capture, efficiently record and process image color, tone, and quality information to achieve excellent basic imaging. In order to make the mobile phone comparable to the professional photography team, vivo uses the environmental understanding technology to give the mobile phone the environmental understanding ability of professional photographers, so that it can recognize the scene color temperature, lighting and other information, and automatically judge and analyze the best shooting method. Finally, around the two core scenes of portrait and night scene, vivo has centrally built a super-sensing portrait system and a sky night scene system, which has achieved precise semantic extraction and optimization, greatly improved the scene expression, and made the product have the same level of professional post-production. ability. The realization of the imaging technology matrix is inseparable from the underlying core capabilities built by vivo for a long time. Vivo believes that only by grasping joint innovation and independent innovation, and enhancing strategic research and technical cognition capabilities, can it come out on top in the long-running video competition. Image source: From the network joint innovation strategy, vivo cooperates with Zeiss and upstream and downstream advantageous manufacturers to develop better optical systems. In 2020, vivo officially established a global imaging strategic partnership with Zeiss. Based on the common imaging concept, vivo and Zeiss strategically focus on long-term imaging technology innovation, and provide consumers with the most advanced product experience by combining cutting-edge optical technology with smartphone innovation. In the future, based on the cooperation in optical imaging technology, the two parties will further formulate optical quality standards for mobile imaging, explore and realize the miniaturization of lens modules, aiming to create more exciting mobile imaging experiences and enhance the expressiveness of mobile photography. to a whole new level. In terms of independent innovation strategy, vivo has planned the research and development of self-developed algorithms and self-developed imaging chips in advance, and planned and continuously upgraded software and hardware to continuously break through the boundaries of computing power and scenarios. At the press conference, vivo displayed a number of the latest self-developed technological achievements related to images, such as the "optical super-resolution algorithm" that can effectively improve the quality of telephoto imaging, the new ultra-clear image quality engine built on it, and the next-generation products. The telephoto lens can improve by 6 4% at focal lengths above 5X



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