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Wang Yilun, head of the AI algorithm of Lili Auto, will resign

Pinwan, October 25th, according to 36氪 learned from people familiar with the matter, Wang Yilun, the head of the intelligent driving AI algorithm of Ideal Auto and the chief AI scientist, will resign in the near future. During the ideal period, Wang Yilun was mainly responsible for the research and development of AI algorithms such as intelligent driving perception and maps, and reported to Lang Xianpeng, vice president of ideal intelligent driving. After resigning, Wang Yilun may participate in entrepreneurship, but is still in the state of job handover and is expected to leave at the end of the month. Insiders said that Ideal is looking for an algorithm VP to take over Wang Yilun's work. Wang Yilun graduated from Stanford University with a major in computer science and joined Ideal Auto in December 2020. At that time, Li Auto was at the stage of pursuing self-research algorithms with all-out efforts. During his tenure, Wang Yilun's perception algorithm team has hundreds of people. Earlier, Wang Yilun was a senior expert of Huawei Auto BU and chief AI architect of Kuan Stool Technology. A source said that Wang Yilun’s departure may be related to too much internal research and development pressure. Ideal car’s autonomous driving team is less than half of Xiaopeng’s, and CEO Li Xiang’s expansion pace is relatively conservative.



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