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Weilai established a battery technology company with 2 billion yuan, with Li Bin as chairman

Pinwan, October 25th, public information shows that Weilai Battery Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. was established, with Zeng Shuxiang as the legal representative, Li Bin as the chairman, and a registered capital of 2 billion yuan. According to the shareholding structure chart, the company is 100% controlled by Weilai Holdings. According to the data, the main business scope of Weilai Battery Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. includes: import and export of goods; technology import and export; battery manufacturing; graphite and carbon product manufacturing; auto parts and accessories manufacturing; new energy vehicle electrical accessories sales; Sales of intelligent power transmission and distribution and control equipment, etc. In the middle of this year, a message on the environmental information disclosure platform of Shanghai enterprises and institutions revealed that NIO will invest 218.5 million yuan to build 31 cell and battery pack R&D laboratories in Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, and lay 1 Lithium-ion cell trial production line and 1 battery pack pack line. Whether NIO really wants to get involved in the battery self-manufacturing business is still unknown.



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