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Airdrop is now turned off by default

With the update of Apple's iOS 16.1.1 version, Apple has also made certain adjustments to the airdrop function. After the update, Apple not only set the airdrop to be turned off by default, but also reserved three options for users: off , contacts only and open to everyone for 10 minutes, which can no longer be turned on without time limit as before.

However, this feature adjustment is limited to the National Bank iPhone model. AirDrop, also known as AirDrop, was originally unveiled at WWDC 2013. Apple has put a lot of effort into this feature, and it has also brought a lot of convenience to Apple users. With AirDrop, users can transfer files, pictures, and videos. This transmission method will not compress the image size to cause distortion, and will not consume traffic.

Relying on Apple's technology, no matter how big the file is, it can be transferred in a very short time with the help of AirDrop, which improves the efficiency of users. Source: Apple's official website However, with the development of network technology, the network disk has gradually begun to replace the function of airdrop, and its cross-platform sharing function is convenient for more users to use.

The space problem also limits the use of airdrop, making it difficult to guarantee the transmission rate of users. Due to system limitations, many users cannot use the function of airdrop. Over time, this feature has even brought a lot of trouble to users.

Since AirDrop can send pictures directly without the permission of the other party, some people will send pictures in groups in densely populated places such as subways and classrooms, and make fun by observing the reactions of people around them. If so far, this is just a prank with a certain social meaning, but some people will even send terrifying and disgusting videos through airdrops, so that users who click on it will be frightened and cause harassment. So

This situation not only occurs worldwide many users have been harassed, and even sexual harassment incidents have occurred. Japanese media reported in 2018 that a 45-year-old suspect in Wakayama Prefecture posted harassing pictures on the train through the airdrop function and took pleasure in it. Image source: Internet What's more, by sending harassing pictures in the air on the plane, it leads to security risks.

Earlier, the Orlando Weekly reported that a 10-year-old boy sent a threatening message from the plane and caused the emergency grounding of an Alaska Airlines flight. The incident turned out to be a prank. In the past few years, there have been at least five incidents in the United States in which threat messages were sent by airdrops on planes, the Transportation Security Administration said.

In addition, there are also some security loopholes in airdrop. The Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany discovered last year that the AirDrop feature could leak users' phone numbers and email addresses to nearby Apple devices.



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