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Apple's AR/VR environment interaction system patent granted

According to Jiemian News, Tianyancha shows that on October 18th, Apple's patent for "systems, methods and graphical user interfaces for interacting with augmented and virtual reality environments" was granted.

The patent abstract shows that a computer system in the patent simultaneously displays in an augmented reality environment: a representation of at least a portion of the field of view of one or more cameras including corresponding physical objects, the representation being changed as the content of the field of view changes.

Updating and virtual user interface objects in the virtual user interface at respective positions determined based on the positions of the respective physical objects in the field of view.

While the input is detected at the location corresponding to the virtual user interface object, in response to movement of the corresponding physical object, the system adjusts the appearance of the virtual user interface object based on the magnitude of the movement of the input relative to the corresponding physical object.



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