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Controversy over infringement and credit grabbing continues

Countless entrepreneurial products and amateur projects have appeared, and giant companies such as Google and Byte have also entered the game. It is no longer necessary to say how crowded the AI creation track is recently. Among all the contestants, the most popular one is Stable Diffusion.

One of the companies behind the project, Stability AI, has also become a popular fried chicken in the industry. Known as "to let 1 billion people use the open source model", it has just completed a financing of 100 million US dollars not long ago, and its valuation has reached 1 billion US dollars.

It ranks among the unicorns. However, just last week, the Stable Diffusion project, and this up-and-coming company, were suddenly involved in two controversies: Not only are they "grouped and attacked" by art creators, He was also "reversed" by his partners and questioned for "robbing merit"... Stealing style, is it stealing? Last week, the US media CNN interviewed a number of artists. These interviewees expressed angrily that they could not accept Stable Diffusion using their works to destroy their jobs.

The work of these artists, or more precisely, the style they embody in their work, was used by Stable Diffusion to train the model. One of the interviewees was Erin Hanson, a well-known oil painter at the festival. Her oil painting works have a very unique color style, using more diverse and visually impactful colors with extremely high saturation, which has formed a personal characteristic in the art circle.

After Stable Diffusion became popular some time ago, Hanson noticed that some of the image results generated by someone using this model had the taste of his own work. After further investigation, she was even more surprised: users could even type in "Erin Hanson style" directly as part of the text prompt when generating the image. Stable Diffusion produces results that are almost identical to Hanson's published work... If you don't pay attention to Hanson's signature watermark in the painting, you may completely think that both are Hanson's handwriting: "the signature watermark on the left is Hanson's genuine work "Crystalline Maples"; the right is the result generated by a CNN reporter through Stable Diffusion, the text used Tips include: Crystal Oil Painting, Light and Shadow, Backlit Trees, Strong Silhouettes, Stained Glass, Modern Impressionism, Erin Hanson Style, and more. "If I hang it on my wall, it should be fine, right?" Hanson to Stable



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