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Euler did not tear off the female label

With the launch of the Lightning Cat, the industry's focus is almost all around. Ora is going to hit the mid-to-high-end market. Is it going to break the brand positioning of "making cars for women"?

At the launch site of the Lightning Cat on October 31, there was a scene after scene of hard-core technical strength, from battery safety to body rigidity experiments, from intelligent driving to unique interior space experience, four-wheel drive, coupe and With a driving experience of zero-hundred-hundred acceleration of 4.3s, the Lightning Cat seems to have more male perspectives. So, what is the significance of the Lightning Cat priced from 189,800 yuan to 269,800 yuan after the four-wheel drive version is subsidized for Euler?

 From the pricing point of view of ORA Motor, the Lightning Cat has a very large span. However, the 705km long-range version is priced at 239,800 yuan after subsidies, and the 555km premium version is priced at 203,800 yuan after subsidies, which should be the main price of the Lightning Cat.

In the range, these two models have the unique electric rear wing of the Lightning Cat, and the perception hardware is embedded, which emphasizes the daily travel scene. At the same time, Euler's Riding the Wind and Waves Mode and Goddess Mode on Ballet Cat are also available on Lightning Cat. In terms of product capabilities, Lightning Cat is striving to achieve "all men and women". After a press conference that no longer took the emotional route and played cross-border breakthroughs, Dong Yudong, CEO of ORA brand, questioned whether this conference meant ORA was making adjustments to the female brand positioning.

Without repeating the emphasis, ORA's car brand positioning that loves women is resolute. In other words, in Dong Yudong's eyes, the outside world is too limited in thinking like Euler. In fact, in terms of brand positioning, Lightning Cat has a lot of integrated thinking.

For example, in terms of product color, Lightning Cat has launched a gray color that is more popular with male car owners. In terms of function, it has launched an ultraviolet sterilization system that is more suitable for daily travel scenarios, rather than facing a certain segment.

Euler Auto This can be seen as the Lightning Cat wants the outside world to see its comprehensive strength. Before the Lightning Cat was officially launched in China, it has followed the ORA brand to officially debut at the Paris Motor Show, and together with ORA Good Cat, it has entered the European stage as part of the international big single product strategy.

Dong Yudong said that for global models, the main methods and methods must be differentiated to a certain extent. In addition to the simplified design route, the product functions and sense of technology are also strong.

ORA Motor ORA's advantages also benefit from the vertical R&D capabilities that can rely on Great Wall and its subsidiaries, so whether it is battery safety or intelligent driving capabilities, it is enough to form a new product label for Lightning Cat. In terms of intelligence, the Lightning Cat is equipped with the ORA-PILOT3.0 intelligent driving system. 



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