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In 2022, will smart watches be made into "large bracelets"?

With the continuous development of smart wearable devices in the past two years, consumers are gradually accepting wearing smart watches as an auxiliary tool for daily life. Smart watches are gradually becoming an indispensable part of life from an early useless product.

I remember that when smart watches were just popular a year or two ago, the speed of launching new products of various brands was very exaggerated, and some manufacturers even launched a new product at each conference, but this phenomenon has continued to saturate with the passage of time and the market. , manufacturers gradually jumped out of the perspective of "taking volume" and began to make products more refined.

In other words, the functions of the product are constantly breaking through, and the consumer experience is also constantly being upgraded. It is difficult for the "basic model" to attract a large number of consumers nowadays. In the past few days, we got a different smartwatch, amazfit T-Rex 2. The manufacturer that designed and manufactured it is Huami Technology, which has been cooperating with Xiaomi.

With the continuous iteration and update of products, Huami 's products now have their own set of ecosystems. Photo source: Photo by Pinwan ByArsT The overall design of the amazfit T-Rex 2 is somewhat different from other smartwatches, that is, its appearance is more inclined to Casio's G-Shock, and its concept is similar to G-Shock, waterproof and anti-fall. , focusing on outdoor adventure activities. ByArsT In terms of appearance, the shape of amazfit T-Rex 2 is tougher than traditional smart watches. I

t provides four color options, and the strap is made of a more skin-friendly silicone material, which allows users to While wearing, avoid allergies and airtight situations. On the buttons, amazfit T-Rex 2 is equipped with four physical buttons, which can allow users to operate functions only by buttons in extreme environments in the wild. Physical buttons are very important for outdoor sports equipment. For example, in swimming and extremely cold environments, the touch screen is the most unsatisfactory control method. This is where the amazfit T-Rex 2 is more intimate.

ByArsT In addition, amazfit T-Rex 2 also adds an anti-sand bridge design in the middle of the outer (right) button. This design can prevent sediment from blocking the air pressure holes while preventing It can also improve the rigidity and strength of the product.

The words AMAZFIT in red are engraved on it, which also improves the brand recognition from the side. In terms of screen, amazfit T-Rex 2 uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a time scale on the edge of the screen, and due to product design, there is a circle of function key marks on the outside of the dial, which is precisely because of this, amazfit T- The black edges of the Rex 2 don't look that obvious, and the overall screen size is still within the acceptable range. ByArsT According to the official statement, amazfit T-Rex



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