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Musk's week on Twitter

Since April this year, Musk and Twitter's acquisition deal has attracted a lot of attention. Whether it's the sky-high acquisition fee of $44 billion or the debate about Twitter's zombie users, it has been attracting the attention of people from all walks of life.

After half a year, Musk successfully completed the acquisition of Twitter, a big drama finally came to an end, and a "new" Twitter was about to be born. Twitter employees began an unforgettable week on Oct. 27 as Musk walked into the building at 1355 Market Street in San Francisco with a sink.

On the day the acquisition was completed, Musk couldn’t wait to fire a number of Twitter executives. It also organized the Tesla technical team to review the code of Twitter engineers, and said that a content review committee would be established to make important review decisions for the company. Obviously, Musk wants to make a drastic overhaul of Twitter, and what he has done is not only the personnel management and restructuring of the company. Many features of Twitter are also changing.

On October 30, Musk changed his certification to Twitter CEO and announced the dissolution of the Twitter board. And on Monday, there was news that Twitter would increase the price of the paid subscription service Twiter Blue, from the original $4.99 to $19.99. Twiter Blue will include authentication services for real-name users, including influential authors, journalists and other public figures.

 This news has aroused the disgust of many certified users. Well-known author Stephen King said he would leave Twitter if the price increase plan was implemented. Musk obviously realized that the price was too high, and responded to Stephen King, saying that the increase in the certification price could be reduced to $8. Musk also launched a vote on Twitter, intending to restart the short video program Vine, which has been shut down.

The short video app was shut down because of too few users. But with the popularity of the short video platform in recent years, Musk intends to resurrect it. Source: Twitter The arrival of Musk has brought a lot of new jobs to Twitter employees, and many employees have to work overtime to complete these new jobs.

According to Twitter insiders, some employees have started working 12-hour overtime for seven consecutive days in order to complete their work within the time limit. The relevant overtime pay and time off compensation policies have not been announced. Twitter employees working overtime.

Even so, Musk still hasn’t let go of these hard-working employees. Just this morning, Twitter announced to employees that mass layoffs would begin on Friday, while shutting down the company's offices and access applications, keeping workers out of the company. 



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