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A 20-Year-Old Girl Founded a Platform is now Worth $40 Billion

The recent technology industry can be said to be more apt to describe it as "sorrow is everywhere". Slowing performance, halved share prices, and massive layoffs followed. Is the Internet bubble about to burst, and are companies still expanding?

Recently, many people are looking for technology companies that are still moving forward steadily in this cold winter. Among them, Canva, which is valued at US$40 billion and ranks fifth in the global unicorn list, is a dazzling one. Founded in 2012, Canva is an online design platform from Australia. According to CB Insights, Canva is currently the fifth largest unicorn in the world after ByteDance, SpaceX, Shein, and Stripe. Just last month, Canva announced that the monthly active users of the platform officially exceeded the 100 million mark, and it also began to enter the field of office software to attack Google and Microsoft.

Picture from CB insights It is worth noting that Canva is one of the few large-scale companies in the technology field founded by female entrepreneurs. Among the current top 10 technology unicorns in the world, Canva is also the only company helmed by a female CEO. It took Canva less than 10 years from its establishment to its valuation of 40 billion.

Now its users have spread across more than 190 countries, and they are still running wild in the current cold winter. So, how was Canva founded, and what drives Canva's continued explosive growth? "Fool-style" design model, creating a 40 billion business empire In short, Canva is an online design platform, and its business model, like most Sass companies, comes from subscription services. But the biggest feature of Canva is that it has a very large user group, whether it is student parties, professionals, various teams, large, medium and small enterprises, as long as you have design needs, you can use Canva to complete it.

Note that the "design needs" here does not only refer to professional design work that engages in artistic creation and typesetting, but includes P a picture, design your own business card or greeting card, make a course presentation PPT or personal resume, Editing a video and almost all the design scenarios you may encounter in your life. The various design scene classifications listed on the Canva website Canva's founding philosophy is to be a "design platform that everyone can use".

It provides users with a large number of copyrighted pictures, original illustrations and various high-quality design templates. Users do not need to have any art foundation. They only need to select the template they like, and then they can create personalized creations with a few simple modifications. A variety of design works that look "tall". In addition, unlike many similar platforms that have various restrictions on the export of works after the design is completed, Canva



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