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"Sakura Girl" fell in love with SHEIN?

Although Japan is not the main contributor to its revenue, SHEIN announced that it will open the world's first long-term offline physical store in Harajuku, Tokyo from November 13.

Stores do not sell directly to consumers, but are more like a space for consumers to try on and punch in. They can scan QR codes to buy their favorite products online. This brand is very popular in Japan, and "Sakura Girl" is falling in love with SHEIN.

Queue for 3 hours for the pop-up store, SHEIN is "true love" The upcoming store in Tokyo's Harajuku district is SHEIN's first "long-term" offline store in the world. Before that, SHEIN has opened in North America, Brazil, the Middle East and other markets Pop-up shop.

Combined with social media marketing, these events can often generate a lot of local attention. After accumulating experience, SHEIN set up a pop-up store with ease. This kind of activity is like an attempt to test the reaction of local consumers.

On October 22, the offline store of "SHEIN POPUP OSAKA" with a three-month operation period opened in Osaka, Japan. The store is located in the business district of Shinsaibashi, which is quite dramatic because it used to be the flagship store of Uniqlo.

Similar to the long-term offline store, this pop-up store does not provide physical goods, but only provides try-on services. Source: Twitter user @fkamorena On the opening day, local young consumers were enthusiastic, and there were long queues 3 hours before the opening.

Many young people who have successfully punched in took the initiative to share their experiences on social media platforms afterwards, which shows the charm of SHEIN. ANN newsCH, source: YouTube "Does any of you wear SHEIN?" In reporting the opening of the pop-up store in Osaka, ANN NEWS randomly interviewed 4 women under the age of 20 on the streets of Harajuku, Japan, and 3 of them raised their hands.

Harajuku is a well-known business district in Tokyo, and more importantly, it is a gathering place for trendy culture and fashion. Bubble Mart announced the opening of a store in Harajuku, Tokyo. Source: Twitter In July this year, Bubble Mart opened an offline store in Harajuku.

For global brands entering the Japanese market, Harajuku is clearly one of the best places to highlight their influence on trends. Cute and cheap, price is king. I believe that many girls have had one or two pieces of "Mori-style" clothing in their wardrobes.

Various clothing and fashion cultures originated in Japan continue to influence the clothing choices of global consumers. Local fashionistas in Japan are also keen to share their outfits on social media, and a young Japanese woman with the username @Ayumi Hills became popular on Tik Tok. All the quick fashion check videos basically follow the same routine: use a mouthful of "magic" Japanese English to introduce the brand of the item you wear in more than ten seconds, and finally end with the iconic "Bier". ZARA is the brand with the highest appearance rate, Ayumi



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