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Smart MiniLED top picture quality + 288Hz refresh rate

There is a very famous shooting masterpiece in the game industry - the "Call of Duty" series, which I believe many players are familiar with. Thrilling stories, blockbuster-level shocking scenes, this series has been the most beloved FPS shooting game by players since 2003.

The recently released "Call of Duty 19: Modern Warfare 2" is the latest in the series. It is not only the second work in the restart storyline of the "Modern Warfare" series, but also represents the top game industry level of Activision. But what kind of TV can you use to enjoy the thrill of high-speed shooting and the shocking scenes of Hollywood blockbusters at the same time is a difficult problem.

The recently released Skyworth GLED TV A63 happens to be an ultra-high-performance TV specially designed for games and audio-visual entertainment, and it is also the first MiniLED TV in the Skyworth A series.

Under the blessing of Skyworth Smart MiniLED display technology, Skyworth GLED TV A63 not only displays lifelike display effect, but also supports 288Hz refresh rate, and is backward compatible with 240Hz, 144Hz, 120Hz and other refresh rate specifications.

Compared with LCD TVs, MiniLED TVs can not only have excellent contrast and fine picture performance, but also achieve ultra-high refresh rates more easily, which seems to be an optimal solution for video game users. Source: Pinwan Coconut Photo The picture quality experience called "Skyworth" In fact, MiniLED is not a new term.

Apple's top display Pro Display XDR in 2019 and iPad Pro in 2020 have already used MiniLED technology. The iPad Pro and Pro Display XDR have two common features - both are Apple's top flagship products, and they are both designed for users who have extreme display experience needs. Driven by Apple, Mini LED has also become synonymous with high-end display for a while.

However, due to the relatively small screen size of monitors and mobile devices, it is still relatively easy to achieve high-quality display effects. When the screen size begins to exceed 40 inches, how to achieve high-quality display effects on large screens has always been the focus of TV manufacturers' investment in research and development.

The display effect of a TV is mainly determined by three parts: backlight module, display panel and technical adjustment. Among them, the backlight module mainly affects the light control effect (contrast, brightness) and color display, the display panel mainly affects the clarity and fluency, and the image quality adjustment affects the overall comprehensive display effect.

The Skyworth GLED TV A63 starts from the three cores and makes great efforts in the picture quality. As a 288Hz flagship MiniLED TV, Skyworth GLED TV A63 is different from ordinary MiniLED in that it adopts Skyworth's self-developed Smart MiniLED backlight technology.