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Taote wants more than 300 million buyers

Taote is shaping the user experience mind. On Double Eleven in 2020, Taote returned to the top of the Apple App Store application list, ranking first on the list for the third time, and also ranked first on the Android application list of Huawei, vivo, Meizu and Yongyongbao. In this context, Taot announced at the just-passed autumn product launch conference on November 16 that it has launched two new products on the platform - "Xindong Search" and "Wei Store".

The core of "Heart Search" is to add a slidable search bar to the search result page, which is equivalent to visualizing the user's screening needs in a graphical way. Users can simply drag the search bar representing price, age, brand or style according to their needs (currently only one price search bar is online), and the products at the bottom of the search result page can be updated in real time, quickly and accurately.

"Wei Shop" is an innovation for the product details page, adding a sidebar on the side of the page that can be swiped up and down to view recommended products, allowing the single-screen page to have a dual-container function.

In order to help consumers switch between different products more conveniently, and better compare and select products. It can be seen that the two products have one thing in common: Taote wants to be in the context of the user's search experience.

On the one hand, it shows Taote's insistence on "doing search" under the logic of shelf e-commerce, and hopes to achieve the ultimate goal. It is understood that Taote has also applied for three invention patents for "Xindong Search" and "Wei Store". Technological Innovation of Cloud Computing Service Capabilities". On the other hand, this also means that Taote, which has more than 300 million annual active buyers, is taking "improving consumer experience" as the next step of the platform's work focus.

As Zou Yan, general manager of Taote Products, said in the media communication meeting, "When the platform has more and more products, how can we help consumers quickly and even have fun with us? It is easier to find what they like when shopping around, this is a user experience problem that all platforms have experienced and still need to be continuously optimized and solved.” It has been online for more than 2 years, and it is time for us to get to know a "new" Taote.

Amplify the advantages To understand why Taote is now in the context of the user's search experience, you must first know what it did in the past. In the two years since its launch in March 2020, Taot has been working on one thing—user growth. The strategic direction chosen by Taote during this period is to rely on the M2C model and focus on building a "direct supply" system of factories, production areas and brands, focusing on the supply side.



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