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The Metaverse is still a long way off

The first RTC conference in 2015 had only one main venue, one sub-forum and one WorkShop on the agenda, with less than 1,000 participants. When Shengwang gathered this game, it was only established for two years. At that time, a developer conference about real-time interaction was more like a stagnant sermon.

RTC (Real time communication), translated as real-time communication, can also be understood as real-time audio and video, which was a new word seven years ago. But the wind has already blown.

Douyin appeared in 2016, and it will start a competition with Kuaishou, which has just completed the transformation. In the same year, Taobao launched the live broadcast function. The curtains of short video and live e-commerce were opened almost at the same time, and real-time audio and video technology was the concept behind it, which began to brew a global revolution for products in the social and even the entire pan-entertainment field.

The figures of Google, Alibaba, Momo and Kuaishou appeared at the second RTC conference in 2016. What was once speculation about real-time interaction has become a real growth space. Seven years later, the annual revenue of global entertainment applications exceeded 10 billion US dollars, and the annual downloads of global social applications also exceeded 7 billion times for the first time.

Under the influence of the epidemic, pan-entertainment applications have grown rapidly. Real-time audio and video have become the basic elements of almost all products on the market. The total usage time of all pan-entertainment product users worldwide exceeds 10 trillion minutes per month. Shengwang completed its listing in 2020, and publicly proposed the concept of "RTE (Real-Time Engagement)" for the first time in its listing prospectus, which will replace RTC as the new name of the conference from 2021. "RTE focuses more on the shared space and time required by users, that is, the scene as the saying goes. And it can achieve or surpass the interactive experience and effect of offline scenes. This is the part that RTE really focuses on, and its connotation and extension far exceed RTC. field." Zhao Bin, founder and CEO of Shengwang, said at this year's RTE conference.

From RTC to RTE, it is also a road to evolve from basic capabilities to scenario-based capabilities. Shengwang, which initially led the trend of real-time interactive technology, has also established a rich ecosystem, with a market share of 43.4% in the RTC track, ranking first in the market. The new changes in the field of pan-entertainment will also start from the technological innovation of Shengwang. new change The proportion of live broadcast scenes in the products of the top social pan-entertainment users in the world began to exceed 50%.

Among the top 100 global social apps, about 20% of the applications contain RTC real-time audio and video capabilities. "In the rapid iteration of interactive social gameplay, some requirements for more fine-grained sound levels began to appear," said Liszt, head of pan-entertainment products at Shengwang. Source: Sound Network



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