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The second anniversary of the DJI Emergency Alliance, using technology to continue to protect security

Today is the second anniversary of the establishment of the DJI Emergency Alliance. Emergency rescue represented by fire protection is an important part of China's economic and social development.

At the same time, with the rapid development of digitalization, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies, the application of advanced intelligent unmanned equipment in various emergency rescue scenarios has become the general trend.

DJI aims to provide intelligent, safe and efficient industrial unmanned application solutions for energy, surveying and mapping, public safety, water conservancy, science and education and other fields. Zhang Xiaonan, senior corporate strategy director of DJI, said: "The emergence of industrial drones has reshaped people's lives and production methods, promoted the development and progress of the industry, and created more value for users. Industrial drones not only Help frontline workers improve their work efficiency and protect their lives at critical moments."

Originating from the Internet, exploring the boundaries of drone applications, and using technology to build a "lifeline" DJI’s exploration in the field of emergency rescue can be traced back to the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Subsequently, with the iteration and progress of technology, the role of drones in various emergency rescue scenarios has become more and more important.

In 2016, the fire rescue team used UAV thermal imaging technology for the first time in a chemical explosion accident to monitor the accident scene from the air and complete rescue assistance work; in 2017, DJI decided to go deep into the industry and officially apply UAV technology to public safety. In 2019, the “3.21” chemical plant in Xiangshui exploded, and DJI industry applied an emergency response mechanism, rushed to the scene for support as soon as possible, using the thermal imaging, zoom camera, construction Modeling and other technologies to assist on-site rescue command operations, risk detection and disaster assessment.

DJI firmly believes in the value of advanced technologies such as drones for emergency rescue. In order to better coordinate with professional rescue forces and respond to rescue needs in a timely manner, in 2020, DJI will bring together partners to jointly establish the DJI Emergency Alliance. Since the establishment of the alliance two years ago, it has participated in more than 300 domestic rescues and guarantees, including the "7.20" heavy rain disaster rescue in Henan in 2021, the Qinghai Datong mudslide in 2022, and the mountain fire rescue in Chongqing, Guangxi, Hunan and other places.

The "7.20" Henan heavy rain disaster relief in 2021 is the first large-scale gathering of the DJI Emergency Response Alliance. Immediately after the disaster, DJI actively responded to the call of the emergency rescue department, and coordinated with 42 teams, including members of the DJI Emergency Alliance and ecological partners, from all over the country to the disaster-stricken areas overnight, and continuously operated for 2,000 days.