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Why does Samsung always dislike Apple?

Samsung, a well-known "sarcastic man" as a brand, a big-shot figure in the Android mobile phone industry, has always taken videos and posts to ridicule "different" Apple for fun, and obtains the thrill of overpowering Apple through spiritual mockery. In contrast, the domestic press conferences are more like a means for children to play and make money.

Samsung: Apple will only "wait" Some time ago, some media reported that iPhone 14 sales were not ideal, and Apple would adjust the production orders of iPhone 14/Plus to control its own inventory.

In addition, some analysts said that Apple will launch its first folding screen device in 2024, which is probably a tablet-type product. As soon as the news came out, Samsung probably burst into laughter and quickly released a mocking video.

In the short film, a man sits on a fence and looks into the distance. Behind it is a retail store similar to Apple's Apple Store. The retail store employee reminded the man not to sit on the railing, and the man replied: "But Samsung has foldable phones and epic cameras."

The employee said: "Actually, you don't have to look over there, we are waiting for these devices to appear."

The man asked: "Why wait? Samsung already has them there."

The employee replied: "Because that's our style, we wait."

In this short video of less than a minute, Samsung expresses the word "sarcasm" vividly, implying that Apple has no innovation and will only wait. It defines itself as a "pioneer", and Apple is more like a pick Peach man.

Samsung is being ridicule, but it hits Apple's pain point every time. In the past two years, Apple has often been ridiculed for its loss of innovation. Even the latest iPhone 14 Pro/Max has only changed the screen shape, turning the bangs into digging holes.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a step backward. "Master of sarcasm" Samsung In September this year, Samsung also released an advertisement to highlight the advantages of its own folding screen.

A lady was crazy about Amway Samsung's folding screen mobile phone by her friend, and instilled a kind of "folding" in her. The concept of ubiquity in life. On the contrary, the design of Apple's mobile phone remains unchanged implying that Samsung is actively exploring the direction of folding screens, while Apple is sticking to the rules, and the products will only become more "inflexible". S Finally, the woman ordered a Samsung Galaxy folding screen phone with her iPhone. 



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