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Why vivo is still emphasizing the underlying smoothness

What are mobile phones competing for now? I believe that many people will pay attention to the image, the screen and even the charging speed. These are of course an important part of the overall strength of the current smartphone to enhance the overall experience.

However, if we return to something more earthy-fluency, are our phones smooth enough? Can it be smooth all the time? There may be a lot of unsatisfactions. In fact, making the phone smoother is more difficult than imagined. Even today, the  hardware such as chips and memory is indeed becoming stronger, but if you want to make a mobile phone use more smoothly, or even use it for a longer time, it is still not an easy thing. In the end what kind of reasons determine the fluency of the mobile phone?

Recently, with vivo's new OriginOS 3 officially unveiled at the 2022 vivo developer conference. We had the opportunity to chat with the vice president of vivo and the vice president of OS products around, what needs to be done to make the phone smoother.

One question is: Who decides the smoothness of the mobile phone?

The chip, memory and other hardware of the mobile phone must be an important part that affects the fluency of the mobile phone. However, when everyone's hardware comes to the same starting line, it is software capabilities that need to compete.

Although software is said in general terms, it needs to cover multiple levels when it is done. Although Android and Linux provide the lowest-level technology, it is equivalent to preparing a cup of hot water before making tea, not to mention the tea, whether the water quality of this cup is good enough, and whether the taste is sweet enough.

It is up to the manufacturer to work hard. Therefore, optimization from the bottom is the basis for ensuring smoothness. The middle layer is equivalent to how many degrees to boil this glass of water. Android and linux still only provide "guidance" - that is, just boil it.

Some premium green teas actually require lower water temperatures to brew. Then to provide a suitable water temperature, the manufacturer needs to debug slowly under constant exploration. Finally at the top, what else can I do to make this cup of tea even better? Starting from the experience, with a good tea set, at least it seems to have a different mood. This is the perception level of the user. Polishing some details can also make the mobile phone have a smoother experience. For example, in the early iOS system, when the camera is opened, there will be an animation of "camera aperture" opening.

Through a short effect, what we feel is not the lag when opening the application, but a "transition" process. In terms of smoothness, vivo has made efforts at all three levels. The three basic elements of the underlying smoothness This time OriginOS



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