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Will the next track for mobile imaging be modular?

Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra concept on Weibo. If there are people who think that the cooperation between Xiaomi and Leica is only at the level of applying filters to photos, then this product is indeed a product after exposure. Hit them hard in the face.

Since it has in-depth cooperation with Leica, Xiaomi's most paranoid approach is to directly "take" the lens of the Leica camera. Note that this is a physical take, not to jointly develop a lens module that meets the Leica optical standard, but to directly transfer the Leica M-mount lens to the mobile phone. Photo source: Xiaomi official website Inserting two one-inch sensors into the mobile phone is indeed a "feat" by Xiaomi in the image attempt, and it is also a great challenge to the internal structure of the fuselage.

Xiaomi did not give up the shooting ability of the mobile phone itself because it can connect an external lens module. The main camera equipped with the one-inch bottom IMX989 is still retained. The periscope telephoto is removed and the ultra-wide-angle in the middle of the lens module is moved down, freeing up The location just plugged another one-inch sensor.

Not only is the idea very bold, but the investment cost is also extremely high. The machine is said to cost as much as 30W and only 10 were produced. There is a precedent for connecting a phone to an external lens. Not to mention copycat style messy transfer plans, when director Chen Kexin used the iPhoneX to shoot the short film "Three Minutes", he used a very exaggerated external lens to improve the overall effect of the film.

However, the transfer solutions on the market are to point the lens at the main camera of the mobile phone for shooting. It is the first time in the industry to directly leave a sensor for the external lens like Xiaomi.

I believe that users who are familiar with the development of mobile phone imaging understand that in fact, with the development of mobile phone photography, the sensor is no longer the biggest obstacle to the progress of imaging. Various mobile phone manufacturers will gradually launch models equipped with a one-inch sensor, so the next need The "roll" is the quality of the lens. Since Xiaomi Mi 12S



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