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5 Features you Must Check Before you Buy a Robot Vacuum.

Yes! I can finally write about robots, although it is a cleaning robot. It still has automatic functions like running around the room and cleaning by itself. But I believe robot vacuum is no longer new to many now, there are still many people don’t understand what a good robot vacuum is capable of. It has actually improved a lot since the very beginning.

So, today we will sum up 5 features you must check before you buy any vacuum cleaner! They are essential to ease your worry towards floor cleaning.

1, Suction Power
We start with how much it sucks, the more the better. In technical terms, suction power. Suction power are measured in the air pressure it gave to a certain area. At the moment, 2000 Mph could is considered great suction power. It is greater than even the highest level hurricane, and blows up things under it.

You know what is the worst experience owning a robot vacuum? It walk passes a piece of dirt and the dirt stays. It made me so frustrating, I started question my decision of allowing this pile of plastic walk around my room. When suction power is not enough, maybe sweep the floor by hand is the quicker and easier way.

Even though higher suction power means cleaner floor, you still might look out the noise level and power consumption. If the noise level is too high, it may not make you feel well. Better test it out, or check how others used it.

2, Road Planning
Road planning differs greatly price, it is a direct result of the device’s intelligence. Smart robots takes shortest path, but dumb ones go everywhere. It depends on the internal processing power and the surrounding environment. Smart Vacuum Robots today can make maps around 3 floors of a house. The time spent in mapping is also worth noting. The faster the mapping the smarter the robot is no doubt, but if you constantly changes the arrangements in your room, it gets confused and start to make new maps everyday. So, most of the time they don’t want you to drastically change your room arrangement.

3, Mopping
And, mopping, yes mopping is very important for robot vacuum. Although many vacuum sucks the floor very hard, there might still be dirt sticked to the floor. With mopping, it can pick most of the sticky dirt up by direct wiping it.

With mopping, I don’t have to bend my broken waist and hand picking sticky dirts from the floor every time after the vacuum. So, don’t undermine the ability of mopping, it makes your life so much better. There are also concerns of mopping before you buy.

The switching between vacuum and mopping is also a problem. Some vacuum can do both, simultaneously. It has one end of vacuum with another end of mopping towel. If it don’t switch by itself or has them both, you have to bend down again and switch it by hand!

I rather use a real mop if this is the case.

4, Self Cleaning ability
Every vacuum cleaner needs to empty their bag of dirt, and it is of course a disgusting process. I hate doing it. If you don’t want to do it too often, choose vacuum with auto emptying.

Emptying the bag implies the dirt will go somewhere. Since manufacturers don’t randomly throw out the dirt everywhere at home, you will need a larger dock so it can store the dust. As it sound good A larger dock can achieve other functions like auto cleaning and emptying.
A good dock can have auto wash and empty 3 cycles before you need to do it on hand. However, it cost higher, so take care of your pocket.

5, Obstacle Avoidance

Sometimes people mix up the ability of obstacle avoidance with map planning, but they are actually different. Map planning refers to the ability after an internal map was built, and obstacle avoidance happens every time when it is out for a mission.

They have many ways to dodge something in front of it, but mostly by sensors or physically tackling it. Many of them today, has super sonic sonar sensors or Lidar sensor, it it sees the obstacle before it blocks the way. Some in advance, has camera and lens which identify the objects. Yes they sound good, but most of them still tackles the obstacles, but good ones also ran into them in a more gentle way that don’t damage anything.

Although, it would be cool to own a robot vacuum cleaner, but I still need to take a look at your need. When living in a room under 50 square meters (or 538 ft if you live in the US), I choose my hand instead.



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