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70mai Dash Cam A510 Now Available Globally With Extra Added, Sony Night Vision Optional 4G/LTE and ADAS

 70mai A510 Dash Cam Launched Globally

Exciting news for tech enthusiasts and drivers worldwide - the highly anticipated 70mai A510 dash cam has officially launched in the global market. This upgraded product features a new sensor that supports 1944P recording and comes equipped with ADAS functions.

With the addition of a 4G Hardwire Kit, the A510 can provide 24-hour monitoring. Customers can purchase this innovative product on Amazon at a price of $139.99 and the official 70mai store in just $145.

Main Features

70mai A510 Features

The 70mai A510 has an advanced Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675 image sensor, along with a high frame rate of 60FPS for improved stability on the road. This camera delivers stunning 1944P 5MP images in all lighting conditions. The exclusive 70mai Night Owl Vision™ algorithm ensures object recognition in low-light conditions, capturing crucial details accurately.

70mai A510 Features

On the other hand, the A510 features dual-channel recording with optional RC11 1080P or RC12 1080P HDR rear cameras or an internal camera to record the entire cabin.

HDR technology combined with the MaiColor Vivid+ Solution™ algorithm allows for clear detail capture in various lighting conditions. The PiP mode provides a comprehensive view of both front and rear channels on one screen during driving.

Other Modern features for an enhanced user experience

Beyond exceptional recording quality, the 70mai A510 offers modern features to enhance the user experience, including:

70mai A510 Dash Cam
Monitoring Parking 24/7

The 70mai A510 dash cam offers 24-hour parking monitoring with its integrated G sensor. In parking mode, the camera automatically detects collisions and records video footage of the incident, storing it in a separate folder. To access this feature, users will need to install the Hardwire kit 70mai UP03/UP04, which is sold separately.

Stay Connected with 4G
70mai A510 Dash Cam

For users looking to have remote access to their parked car, the optional 4G connectivity feature (with the UP04 hardwire kit) allows for online monitoring. Receive instant notifications on your mobile phone, track real-time routes, and ensure the safety of your vehicle even when you're not around.

Track Your Travels with GPS
70mai A510 Dash Cam

The A510 comes equipped with integrated GPS, providing real-time trip data and tracking vehicle routes. Easily view trip details such as speed, time, and coordinates through the 70mai app. In the event of an accident, the GPS function helps establish the exact location, aiding in insurance claims or police reports.

Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)
70mai A510 Dash Cam

The A510 also features an ADAS safety system that detects potential safety issues like lane departure, frontal collision, and front vehicle start. Receive timely voice warnings in Vietnamese to increase awareness levels and promote safe driving practices.

Three smart recording modes
70mai A510 Dash Cam

The A510 offers three recording modes like emergency recording activates video recording 5 seconds in advance and continues recording for 25 seconds; timelapse recording compresses 30 minutes of video into 1 minute, saving memory card space; loop recording overwrites the oldest files, ensuring uninterrupted recording.

More convenient APP connection
70mai APP

When connecting with the 70mai dedicated app, the A510 will be automatically scanned and recognized.

Global Launch

From today, the 70mai Dash Cam A510 can be purchased globally on Amazon at a price of $139.99 with a free 64GB microSD card and a 15% off coupon for a limited time. While, you can also get it from official 70mai store in just $145.



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