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A Quick Unboxing And First Impression of SwtichBot

Making your home more futuristic and smart is surprisingly easy these days and SwitchBot is right there taking the lead in making it happen. That’s why we were curious to see how it works and to hear the opinions of our awesome community on it by making it our third Tryout Program product. Wondering what these SwitchBot products look like? Well, we did an unboxing of them ourselves and wanna show you the vids. So sit back and enjoy!


The SwitchBot Bot

The little bot you can place just about anywhere to automate just about anything thing thanks to its clever little design. Combined with SwitchBot’s APP, you can even set up a schedule so different actions happen automatically at different times of day for you. Or you can just activate the Bot manually either by using the simple controller that comes with the SwitchBot Bot or through the APP. The real magic though comes from how you set it up since the little Bot can be placed almost anywhere. For some quick examples, you can put these bots on your coffee maker for your morning coffee, your garage door opener, or your AC controls.

Easy to set up and even easier to use, these devices attach to the rod holding up your curtains and help open or close them automatically. Give them a little tug and they will auto open or close completely. Want to have them open up or close automatically at different times of the day? You can use the SwitchBot APP to set a schedule for them. You can even set it up so they open or close just part way as well should you want. With this automation, you can schedule when your curtains and close throughout the day for you. If you’re a cheerful morning person who loves to be woken up by the sun coming through the windows but doesn’t like the nighttime fish bowl effect of having the curtains open, then this is your solution. You can schedule the curtains to close at night automatically for you and then open automatically early in the morning so the sunlight wakes you up naturally without you even having to get out of bed.

Since curtains come in many shapes and forms, there are three different types of SwtichBot Curtains to accommodate most curtains. To help you know which SwitchBot Curtain will work best for your curtains, we’ve got an unboxing video for each one.

SwitchBot Curtain Rod

Designed for generic curtain rods, this version loops on and locks into place so that it can grab the bar to open or close the curtains on the curtain rod. 


SwitchBot Curtain U Rail

The U Rail version is designed for the curtain rods that hold onto the curtains by enclosing around their latch points. The SwitchBot Curtain U Rail therefore is an intuitive and flexible design with moveable mount points so it can be attached to the U Rail curtain rod with ease and still able to have the needed grip to move the curtains. 


SwitchBot Curtain I Rail

The I Rail variant is for the curtain rod design that is shaped like an I and requires the curtains to be latched onto both sides of the rail. The SwitchBot Curtain I Rail latches on in the same manner and then grips the rail to propel itself along, opening and closing your curtains as easily as the other versions.


Excited To Automate Your House With SwitchBot?

We’ve been trying these out for a while now and overall, they are pretty handy. Definitely better than we first expected. But we’re curious to hear your opinions on them. So let us know what you think of them as soon as you can should you be selected to be a Heyup Tester for one of these cool SwitchBot products. Learn more detail about the SwitchBot here


How To Join The Heyup Tryout Program

Becoming a Heyup Tester is easy. The 3rd Tryout Program is open now. Apply now for a chance to try out these latest smart home products from SwithBot by June 30. No money down!

Learn more about rules and suggestions of Tryout program here!



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