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Apple Approves ChatGPT Focused Application

Apple Approves ChatGPT Focused Apps

In recent days it has emerged that Apple has blocked a ChatGPT-based app from the iOS App Store. The event has many wondering whether the company won't allow any AI-based apps from OpenAI to hit its marketplace, but it appears that Apple already has a plan for AI-based software in the App Store.

According to reliable foreign sources such as the Wall Street Journal and CNBC, in fact, Apple would have given the "green light" to the app previously blocked due to its use of ChatGPT, the "AI-Based" mailbox of BlueMail. However, the publication of the software on the App Store of iOS and iPadOS will take place with some important limitations.

Apple Approves ChatGPT Focused Apps

In particular, Apple would have asked the creators of BlueMail for greater controls on the content created by ChatGPT, thus avoiding AI drifts that could harm the mental and physical health of users. Cupertino's fears, on the other hand, seem well founded: in recent days, in fact, OpenAI had to stop using conversations with users for ChatGPT AI training, as they often contained bad language, incitements to violence, racism, and other forms of discrimination, which thus entered the "speech" of ChatGPT itself.

Ben Volach, the founder of Blix Inc., the company behind BlueMail, explained that after speaking with Apple about the content moderation systems built for the application, the latter gave them the ability to publish the software on the App store. Apple itself explained to the WSJ that its workers take care of manually checking all the candidate apps for release to prevent malicious software or software capable of hurting the sensitivity of users among them.

CNBC, on the other hand, adds that, after solving the BlueMail case with ad hoc methods, Apple would be reviewing the rules of its App Store, in order to allow simpler and smoother publication for AI-based apps, which however, they will have to pass some restrictive checks on the moderation of the content reported by the AI ​​itself.

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