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Are Air Purifiers Really Useful?

As Heyup proposed a Tryout program for Jya Fjord Air Purifier, one of the most discussed questions in the Heyup team is the actual ability of these Purifiers. It comes in two directions, the ability of air purification and the actual improvement in life quality. The first direction consists of the product itself, which accesses the functionality of the product. Secondly, even if the purifiers have a strong ability to clean the air, it feels like not mattering too much to us.  


Accessing the functionality comes down to the core ability, the efficiency of sanitation. Three basic ways can make us tell its strength. The amount of air processed each cycle, the ability to filter small particles, and the ability of sanitization. 


If it takes too long to clean the air of your room, it would not be very useful. The time will depend on the suction power and purifying efficiency. Most products tell you the time it takes to renew all the air in your room. However, when you see phrases like that, remember to check the room space as well. The time of one cycle will definitely vary according to the room volume. Therefore, you need to check the area and height of your room. Sometimes it also varies according to the objects in the room like furniture. The more in the room, the faster the cycle, because they squeeze the air outside. 


Then it comes into filters. Filters are obviously important for purifiers, the more filter the better because it reduces the chance of breathing in allergic particles. However, you still need to be careful before purchasing, it may not cover your particular allergic source. A good thing to do is to check the list in advance. 

In the end, sanitization. Most of the purifiers today use UV light to sanitize everything it sucked. The advantage of UV light is obvious, fast, and convenient. The UV light has the right amount of power to kill almost every microorganism by breaking their DNA, in case the filter doesn’t take them away. Unlike using liquid sanitizer, you have to switch the liquid each time. If the sanitizer evaporates into the air, it might be harmful to your lung. So, check UV before you buy. 

There comes a more complicated question, is it really so good after cleaning the air? The answer will depend on the situation. During the pollen seasons, more people are getting allergic to pollen every year. Therefore, using an air purifier would be nice and convenient. However, pollens don’t mess around all year. We have to switch our sight to other seasons. If mold and bacteria are problems in your air, an air purifier may not always be the hero. You can still clean up your room, and prevent their growth. 

For those of you who are allergic to cat or dog fur, a wise choice is not to pet one. If you really want a pet, the air purifier helps, but remember to pick one that sucks faster so it can react quickly to every single hair. Or, you can try to pet a lizard, they don’t have fur and there are many options as well. 

Air Purifier is useful in some scenarios but not for everyone. My advice is, before you buy, check your needs. If you have a lot concerns towards breath problem, don't be shy to check out our new Jya Fjord Tryout. 



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