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Brand New Heyup Tryout To Automate Your Home

A brand new Heyup Tryout has begun! This time it’s a smart home-related product line called SwitchBot. This is our third Tryout (Apply Now) and we are looking forward to seeing all of the great reviews to come from it. We enjoyed reading the awesome reviews when people tried the Oladance Wearable Stereos and the Heyplus Watch in our last two Tryout Programs.


SwitchBot Tryout Program:

To start this Tryout Program, we will have 5 SwitchBot Curtains(Value $99) and 10 SwitchBot Bots (Value $29). As more people begin to participate and show interest we will give out more of both Curtains and Bots.

1) At 1,200 participants: Unlock extra 10 SwitchBot Bots.

2) At 1,500 participants: Unlock extra 5 SwitchBot Curtains

That means we will select 30 winners for 10 SwitchBot Curtains and 20 SwitchBot Bots in total after 1,500+ participants. So spread the news to the people around you!

Besides, all participants will receive an exclusive 20% off offer for SwithBot web-wide products. (Thanks to our partner SwitchBot!)

The application Ends on June 30. The winners will be announced on July 4.



What Is SwitchBot?

SwitchBot is a fun little smart home company that specializes in making a dumb home smart without having to renovate it. They have developed a large collection of small little robot-like devices that can then perform a variety of jobs for you. Everything from pushing switches to opening the curtains and much more. Just like magic, everything can be conveniently automated by these cute little robots around your house, with a tap of your smartphone or a command from your voice assistant.

For our lucky candidates, they will get one of three available models of the SwitchBot Curtain (Rod 2, U Rail 2 or I Rail available) and the SwitchBot Bot! We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and reviews. 

Check out all the rules and guidelines for what to do should you be selected in our Community. Now, it’s time to introduce you to this awesome brand of products.


SwitchBot Curtain: Never Forget To Draw Your Curtains Again

Super Easy to Install | Automated Timers For Closing And Opening | Automated Opening and Closing

The SwitchBot Curtain is an easy-to-use smart device that clamps onto your curtain rail and helps to automatically open or close your curtains. To fit a variety of different curtain rods that people may use, there are currently 3 models available. With a long-lasting battery and an easy-to-use scheduling feature, you can make life a little easier every day. Be woken up in the morning with the beautiful sun lighting up your room without having to get up beforehand. They also help to make opening and closing curtains just easier in general. Just give the curtain a tug and the SwitchBot Curtain does the rest, either close or opening the curtains for you. 

We’re sure you’ll love them just like Tech With Brett who is, as he says “really impressed with the new SwitchBo Curtain”. You could also learn more about the product and its fantastic here.


SwitchBot Bot: Automate Your Home With Little Bots

Super Lightweight 42g | Easy On Off On Function | Super Tiny Design

This cute little device has a tiny arm to push switches or buttons for you whenever you like. Turn on a light, feed your cat, or power up your PC, this little bot can be put almost anywhere thanks to the double-sided sticky tape that comes with it. It’s a simple design really but it is quite versatile and with a little imagination its ability to automate your life is almost limitless. For example, you can set them up as a team and program complex actions like operating your AC controls. Setting these bots up is super easy thanks to their lightweight and small size. The software to operate them and make a schedule for when you want them to do certain tasks is also super easy. 

You may be asking why not just make the house truly smart? Well, Unbox Therapy says it best “Sometimes you can’t replace the switch. You might be renting a space and you can’t really do any extreme modifications or you might just love the simplicity of not messing around with wires.” 

Want some more examples of what you can do with a SwitchBot Bot? How about having coffee ready for you in the morning when you wake up? Just set up a SwitchBot Bot to hit the start button on the coffee maker and set the schedule and presto! You got coffee in the morning. You can do the same with your PC, TV, or light switches throughout the house. Ultimately, your imagination is the limit. Want to know more about the SwitchBot Bot? Click here!


Other Cool SwitchBot Features

There are lots of really cool options available from small simple switch controllers to full integrated tech, and what is even more impressive is all these cool pieces of tech spotted around your home you can conveniently control them all on the SwitchBot APP. This APP is also fully integrated with your voice assistants like Alexa and Google when you use the SwitchBot Hub (sold separately).



Why should I join the Heyup Tryout program?

  • Test out one of the products for free, and then keep it! No money down, free shipping.
  • Be the first to know the details of the next tryout event and the latest topics.
  • Earn a Heyup Tester Badge, which will increase your chances of winning in future events.
  • Several Heyup Testers who share the Best Reviews selected by Heyup Team or community members will get an Amazon Gift Card or other rewards.
  • Share your review to help other consumers make smart purchases and help brands grow.

How can I increase my chances of getting selected as a product tester?

  • Finish the application.

  • We recognize active users and strive to involve those who are more likely to share honest content in our community




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