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One Smart TV or This? Discover How Boxe Lite Elevates Your Setup for Less

Heyup Boxe Lite


Top-tier or even mid-level smart TVs are a norm these days but that doesn’t make the process of reaching into your wallet to fork over your hard-earned pocket change any easier. Depending on which model you take you could hand over anywhere between $1000 to $3000 for a decent smart TV. It doesn't matter what time of year this is, that's a fair investment in an entertainment setup that stays glued to a wall in a single room.

But what if we told you could get an entire entertainment setup with all the mod cons that a smart TV provides, plus portability and still have enough change left over for a weekend trip? In the article below we’ll guide you through a nice little alternative, with the Heyup Boxe Lite as the centerpiece which would provide a lot more bang for your buck. Let's dive in.

Outperforming Smart TVs: Discover the Heyup Boxe Lite Advantage

Heyup Boxe Lite

Move over, smart TVs - the Heyup Boxe Lite is here to beef up your home entertainment. Offering more than the typical smart TV at a fraction of the price ($149), this compact projector brings versatility and vibrancy to your living space. With 1080P support, 150 ANSI lumens for brilliant brightness, and projections up to 120 inches, it matches the conventional TV experience. Easily connect your gaming consoles, streaming devices, or mobile phones through its accessible HDMI, USB, and Audio Out ports.

Whether it's turning your room into a cinematic experience, a gamer's haven, or a concert hall, the Boxe Lite's versatility and plug-and-play advantages ensure a stunning visual feast in every use. Say goodbye to the clutter and limitations of smart TVs and embrace the dynamic, portable world of the Heyup Boxe Lite.

PlayStation 5: The Ultimate Gaming Companion for Heyup Boxe Lite

Playstation 5

Pair your Heyup Boxe Lite with the PlayStation 5, a gaming powerhouse that transforms your gaming experience. The PS5's innovative design, featuring a bold, futuristic aesthetic, makes it a standout addition to any gaming setup. Its groundbreaking DualSense controller offers immersive haptic feedback, bringing every in-game action to life.

With essential ports like HDMI 2.1, connecting the PS5 to the Boxe Lite is seamless, elevating your gaming to a large-scale, cinematic level. The PS5's fast SSD ensures swift load times, keeping you in the heart of the action without delays. Combine the PS5 with your Boxe Lite for an unparalleled gaming setup where style, functionality, and immersive gameplay converge.

Polk Audio ES15 Speakers: Superior Sound for Your Setup

Polk Audio ES15

For around $300, the Polk Audio ES15 speakers are the perfect audio complement to your Boxe Lite. These speakers deliver rich, nuanced sound, making every movie or gaming session more immersive. Their stylish design suits any decor, transforming your living space into a dynamic entertainment zone that rivals any high-end smart TV in sound quality and again you have the added benefit of moving them from room to room depending on your personal preference.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K: Expand Your Streaming Options

Amazon Fire Stick

At approximately $50, the Amazon Fire Stick 4K is the final addition to the Boxe Lite, offering access to a wide range of streaming platforms. This device enhances your projector, turning it into a smart streaming hub for services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. The Fire Stick 4K ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience that perfectly complements the Boxe Lite’s visual performance and in-built Android operating system so you can switch between Youtube and live sport at will.

Total Investment:

  • Heyup Boxe Lite Projector: $149
  • Sony PlayStation 5: $500
  • Polk Signature Elite ES15 Bookshelf Speakers: $300
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4K: $50
  • Total: $999


For less than the price of a high-end smart TV, this setup offers a comprehensive home entertainment system. The Heyup Boxe Lite sits at the heart of this setup, providing a high-quality, versatile projector that’s easy to set up and compatible with a range of modern devices. This means that whilst this setup covers a lot of different bases, we know it isn’t going to work for everybody.

That’s the beauty of basing your entertainment system around the Boxe Lite, is you can chop and change the other elements to make an entertainment system that works for you and your budget. But remember, it starts with the Boxe Lite. So are you ready to redefine your entertainment experience without breaking the bank? Then visit the Heyup Store to start building your dream home cinema today!