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Google Bard Advanced Will Launch Later This Year: Here's What It Entails


Google Bard Advanced

The discussion on artificial intelligence becomes more central every day in the life of companies dealing with technology and among the various giants of the sector it is practically an open challenge. A few days ago, for example, we saw the brand new Copilot Pro from Microsoft , which brings to Windows many new AI functions ready to make people's lives easier.

Google Bard Advanced

Naturally, the response from Google was not long in coming, as in the last few hours it spoke about the future of Gemini Ultra and Bard Advanced, the improved version of Bard created to guarantee users greater efficiency.

What is Google Bard Advanced

With the announcement of Google's Gemini artificial intelligence model in late 2023, the company revealed that it intends to "align" with OpenAI and introduce a more advanced paid version of Bard, similar to ChatGPT Plus.

Google Bard Advanced

So far, Google has not provided too much information about the difference between the Bard versions, but the new screenshot from the Bard website shows for the first time in a simplified way the difference between the free and regular Bard version and the Bard Advanced version that will be offered for a fee.

  • Bard – for simpler and faster responses.
  • Bard Advanced – for more complex and better responses.

The reason for the difference is quite simple. While Bard is currently based on Google's Gemini Pro model, designed to compete more with OpenAI 's previous GPT 3.5 model, the Bard Advanced version is based on the more advanced Gemini Ultra model , with higher performance than GPT 4.

Bard Advanced, when available

At the moment there is not yet an official release date for Google Bard Advanced but, a few days ago, a selector appeared on the official page that allowed the user to select between classic Bard and the more powerful version.

A feature promptly removed and which, with a good possibility, was published by mistake, but which served to confirm an imminent release of the new and highly anticipated features. However, we know that Google is working on the model to improve its potential, efficiency and security, so the promise of a release during 2024 will certainly be kept.

Google Bard Advanced

Furthermore, during Samsung 's Galaxy Unpacked, Google confirmed that Samsung will be among the first manufacturers to have access to the new AI model, even if there is no more information on the projects in the pipeline which, with good possibility, will be revealed in the next weeks and could concern the new Samsung Galaxy S24.

Other unknowns include those on the price of this innovative AI model which could remain free, like the basic version of Bard, or which is much more likely to come with a subscription, as happens with ChatGPT Plus.