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Google Docs Introduced a New AI Proofreading Feature


Google Docs AI Proofread

During the Cloud Next ’23 event, Google not only revealed updates for Chat and Meet but also introduced an exciting addition to the Google Docs Proofread feature, as reported by 9To5Google.

This new feature leverages AI to provide advanced writing suggestions that surpass the capabilities of the current Spelling and Grammar Check. While the existing spell check feature in Google Docs corrects spellings and occasional grammatical errors, this innovative addition takes a significant step forward in ensuring the thorough proofreading of your work.

In Detail

Google Docs Proofread represents a departure from traditional spell and grammar checking by introducing AI-powered writing enhancement. Beyond addressing spelling and grammar issues, this feature covers a wider range of writing improvements.

It includes conciseness, active voice, word choice, and sentence structure enhancements, such as breaking complex sentences into more easily digestible segments. In essence, it makes sentences much simpler and clearer.

Accessible through the familiar 'A' and 'checkmark' icons in the toolbar, a distinctive blue dot will notify users when writing suggestions are available. Tapping this icon opens a side panel that presents users with a well-organized array of suggestions. Users can conveniently review and accept or reject these suggestions based on their types.

Google Docs AI Proofread

This innovation streamlines the process of creating high-quality content within Google Docs. Importantly, users maintain full control, as they can easily enable or disable the Proofread feature from the Tools menu.

Proofread promises to enhance the conciseness, clarity, and readability of documents. Most importantly, these suggestions seamlessly integrate into the writing process without causing disruptions. Users can thoughtfully review suggestions via the Proofread sidebar, selecting those that align with their writing style.

It's worth noting that Proofread is a premium offering and is available as a Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise add-on. The rollout is currently in progress, ensuring that Google Docs users across various professional domains can soon benefit from these writing enhancements.