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Heyplus Watch, A Great Smartwatch You may Not Have Heard Of

We have found the perfect tech product it seems, the Heyplus Watch. Of course, we may be a little biased, it’s like it was named for us after all, but that isn’t the main reason why we like this smartwatch. It really is an awesome mid-level smartwatch with most if not all of the features we have come to expect from a smartwatch these days.


That Awesome Display

First off, it’s a nice, lightweight, and comfortable watch to wear, thanks to its aluminum alloy frame. But what is most impressive about this smartwatch though is the super large 1.78” AMOLED screen with a super-thin bezel, giving the smartwatch a great screen-to-body ratio of 71%. That means the screen is nice and big without making the body of the watch annoying big as well, so it stays nice and comfortable to wear and looks good on your wrist. That screen is also HD, in fact, the Heyplus Watch has an Always HD Mode to help ensure the display is always nice and crisp for you.


All Of Those Watch Faces

There is a staggering number of possible watch faces is one of our favorite parts about this Heyplus Watch. They of course also are various types of watch faces, from the basic still images, to dynamic images, to short videos you can even make yourself as well as a whole new thing called a Mood Face. If you had played with mood rings when you were younger then you should be familiar with the Mood Face. It is still in beta, but depending on your mood the face of the smartwatch will change to one of four colors to display your mood. 


Good To Go

Able to last up to 21 days on a single charge, this smartwatch is always ready to go when you are. It’s also tough to go wherever you want to go thanks to it’s IP 68 waterproof rating. So no need to worry about hurting the smartwatch if you work up a sweat or go for a swim. The Heyplus Watch also has over 100 different workout modes for you to enjoy, so it is ready for any exercise routine or adventure you have in mind to help you stay in shape. In addition to these workout modes, the watch also has a workout record-keeping system so you can easily keep track of your workouts as well.

Stay On Top Of Your Health

The Heyplus Watch can monitor your sleep, your heart rate, and even your blood oxygen levels. All of these are very useful tools when wanting to monitor your own health and it does so pretty high levels of accuracy. You can check out Sean Talks Tech's video review about the Heyplus Watch and see his opinion of these sensors starting at 8:39 into the video.


Super Easy To Set Up

Like most every other smartwatch, it is pretty easy and straightforward to set up with your smartphone. Once it’s set up, you also suddenly get access to all of the cool features in this smartwatch, like all of the clock faces and workout modes. 

Want To Try It Out Yourself?

You can, if you like. There are still lots of other features in the Heyplus Watch, that I didn’t cover here. The best way to learn about them though is to join our Tryout Program because the next Tryout Product for the program will be this Heyplus Watch. To learn more about our Tryout Program and how you can join, just click here and learn all about it.



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